Animated png files

This is a really nifty little program, doesn’t even install, just unzip and it worked. Load some png files for an animation into it, and push the button to make an animated .png. No limitation on the number of colors as there are with .gif files.

Site Update Nearly Finished

I think I am crazy for updating my web site, but it is a benign insanity. I really never imagined I would again after the redesign in 2011. It is actually fun to do once every five years or so, but there is so much new to keep up with nowadays. Above is an image […]

The New Beginning

I have started blogging about three times now and failed. There is no reason to believe I shall not again, but here’s a try. I’m going to approach it differently. Rather than everything being heavy-handed, I will strive for shallow and light.   The name and tag line are both anagrams of Dennis’s Blog.   […]