Health-connected issues. Mid-to-old age has not been easy on me. I am officially diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome now, and have suffered two aortic dissections since 1998.


2013 began in the health arena with a ventricular ablation procedure at UCSF at the end of January. It worked great. My health stayed pretty good until June, when I began to get atrial fibrillation, which has been hounding me since, though it hasn't been constant since then.

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2014 health has not been great for me. An attempt to control my heart rhythm with the medication tikosyn failed in August, a planned atrial ablation procedure was canceled due to too much damage around my heart going back to my 2nd aortic dissection and valve replacement surgery in 2008. Additionally there were some pesky open ulcers on my leg I had to have treated at the would clinic, and I have a pinched nerve in my elbow that has caused some ongoing issues with my little finger on my right hand. Finally, a cardioversion (electroshock) in November, hoping to return my heart to the proper sinus rhythm, may have caused a small heart attack (though if it did, that was not serious). I have had better years than 2014.

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