Civic and Iconic Edifices, Vistas, Fine Art

Sights that are important and recognizable, of the government, and also tourist lures

Academy of Sciences

Visits to the Academy of Sciences at Golden Gate Park, generally their special Thursday night NightLife events

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AT&T Park

The AT&T (Baseball) Park (named thus in 2006), originally PacBell Park (opened 2000), later SBC Park (in 2003), is in the South Beach/Bayview area near Mission Bay construction of the new UCSF campus

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Beach, Bay, Bridges

Photographs taken when shore and water intersect nearby

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de Young Museum Permanent Collection

Reviewing the permanent collection at the de Young Museum at Golden Gate Park

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Museums, Halls, Civic

Life connected to government or art institutions

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The somewhat more "natural" settings near the City

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Private Ownership

Well-known structures or objects in the private sector

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Civic or private sculpture in the City of San Francisco

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Sutro Baths

The ruins of the Sutro Baths, at the beach, the work of Adolph Sutro

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Sutro Tower

Sutro Tower, once reviled, is now reveled in by youth who don't bear the need to really understand the TeeVee Tower era

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Sweeping City, beach, or ocean views generally from our hills (also some great views of those hills!)

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