Selected Photographs

Photographs I find to be interesting taken from the larger collection I have created by being so obsessive

Ads, Signs, Storefronts

The world of marketing and other messages affects us at every turn; sometimes more creatively than others

867 images

Animals, Pets

Fauna in the "midst" of urban life

90 images


Architecture other than houses, fixtures and ornamentation found throughout the city, larger neighborhood views than single edifices, skyscrapers. There is some overlap in some of these categories.

664 images

Civic and Iconic Edifices, Vistas, Fine Art

Sights that are important and recognizable, of the government, and also tourist lures

515 images

Events: Fairs, Races, Holidays 2013

San Francisco always has something going on

1078 images


Flora from my urban setting, where things bloom year 'round. I really enjoy taking photographs of flowers and plants.

198 images

Food and Drink

A universal interest, as everyone must eat and drink in order to live. Life must die so we can live.

151 images


Health-connected issues. Mid-to-old age has not been easy on me. I am officially diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome now, and have suffered two aortic dissections since 1998.

34 images

Known Entities

Mostly people I know

121 images

Neighborhoods, Miscellaneous

This tends to be photographs that may not easily fit into any other category

195 images

Street Art and Artists

Artistic artifacts, objects, murals, and so forth, not institutionalized

470 images

Trekking About

Adventures with my camera, mostly in the city of San Francisco

786 images

Unwary and Transit

I take the bus and public transit a lot. I also like candid shots of people a lot. Often I combine both interests. In the modern Cell Phone World, candid shots are easy, but sadly they mostly show a lot of eyes peeled to tiny digital addiction devices

264 images