The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Paul Moyers Walker

Paul Moyers Walker

Male 1904 - 1959


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Paul Moyers Walker in the Chicken Yard

Paul is filling up a watering device in this photograph. I remember them or similar ones from when I was a child. As the water would evaporate or the chickens drink it, it would continue down into a small trough around the edge of the cylinder, providing a continuous supply for longer than just sitting out a dish of water would provide. Chickens are notoriously bad about scratching at the dirt and would still manage to foul the water in one of these by kicking detritus into it.

This appears to have been taken after World War II. By the late 1950s, Paul lived in California. I do not know when he moved there, but I am going to guess this photograph was taken in about 1947.

Owner/SourceMarge (Walker) Kimble
DateAbout 1947
File nameWalker Paul Moyers - Chicken Chores.jpg
File Size119.85k
Dimensions485 x 612
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