The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Dennis William Brumm

Dennis William Brumm



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Dennis William Brumm in Ames, Iowa, Industrial League Basketball

These are a couple of basketball reports I stumbled upon while doing a search on the Brumm name in Ames, Iowa, in the city's local paper during the time I was living there (1970-1978). I worked at Hach Chemical Company as a technician between 1974-1978, and played on their company team. We had varying degrees of success the several years I played, but it was a lot of fun. I believe (though am not certain) I was the only team member who'd played varsity basketball in high school, but a lot of the other people went to much larger high schools than I did; if they'd been at New London High School, I'm sure a number of them would have have played there, too.

My skills had gotten better after high school, as I played so much pick-up and dorm league basketball at Iowa State University. Age probably helped too. I picked these two separate reports from the year we did best in our league. I think we ended up 3rd, but as of February 6, we were still in a tie for first. The April 3 game from 1975 is the only one I remember, because it had one of those moments that all basketball players fantasize about. I made a free throw after regulation time that won the game. It was against the "That Place" team (That Place was a bar in Ames at the time). They had beaten us soundly earlier, I think, but we all played a pretty good game that evening.

Afterwards we generally went as a team with our few fans to That Place, and I remember sometimes not being very hale at 7:30 a.m. when our work day would begin the morning after a game.

It's interesting that these scores were even in the paper. I never read the Ames local paper when I lived there; just the University paper and the Des Moines Register.

Oh, we lost the next (championship) game in the tournament.

Owner/SourceThe Ames Daily Tribune
DateBetween February and April, 1975
PlaceAmes, Story County, Iowa
File nameBrumm Dennis William - Recreation Basketball 1975.jpg
File Size101.42k
Dimensions700 x 700
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