The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Knox County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Harris, Sarah "Sally"  22 Dec 1808Knox County, Tennessee I4943 All Families 
2 Morrow, Charles  2 May 1804Knox County, Tennessee I1526 All Families 
3 Morrow, Prudence Walker  Abt 1807Knox County, Tennessee I1527 All Families 
4 Walker, Bartley Vance  19 Jun 1792Knox County, Tennessee I1112 All Families 
5 Walker, Charles  28 Apr 1797Knox County, Tennessee I1116 All Families 
6 Walker, Charles C.  Between 1795 and 1796Knox County, Tennessee I740 All Families 
7 Walker, Francis Samuel "Sam"  6 May 1809Knox County, Tennessee I224 All Families 
8 Walker, James  Abt 1802Knox County, Tennessee I742 All Families 
9 Walker, Jane  7 Sep 1804Knox County, Tennessee I744 All Families 
10 Walker, Prudence  9 Aug 1794Knox County, Tennessee I1114 All Families 
11 Walker, Prudence  1808Knox County, Tennessee I745 All Families 
12 Walker, Rebecca  22 Oct 1815Knox County, Tennessee I746 All Families 
13 Walker, Thomas  19 Dec 1801Knox County, Tennessee I743 All Families 
14 York, Elizabeth Jane  8 May 1843Knox County, Tennessee I31478 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brady, Elizabeth  8 Jul 1889Knox County, Tennessee I33280 All Families 
2 Branch, Amos Melvin  Jun 1982Knox County, Tennessee I31167 All Families 
3 Eppes, Martha  14 Feb 1881Knox County, Tennessee I32877 All Families 
4 Ferguson, James M.  11 Aug 1967Knox County, Tennessee I31160 All Families 
5 Grubb, Ella Josephine  7 Oct 1960Knox County, Tennessee I31538 All Families 
6 Harris, Sarah "Sally"  11 May 1857Knox County, Tennessee I4943 All Families 
7 Harris, Stephen  1855Knox County, Tennessee I32876 All Families 
8 McMillan, Fannie L.  13 May 1923Knox County, Tennessee I56980 All Families 
9 Morrow, Charles  Aft 1850Knox County, Tennessee I1526 All Families 
10 Morrow, James  Bef 1830Knox County, Tennessee I784 All Families 
11 Pittillo, Hugh Kennedy  7 Nov 1915Knox County, Tennessee I32896 All Families 
12 Swan, George  7 Jul 1832Knox County, Tennessee I10980 All Families 
13 Walker, Bartley Vance  Abt Jul 1865Knox County, Tennessee I1112 All Families 
14 Walker, Charles  12 Mar 1875Knox County, Tennessee I1116 All Families 
15 Walker, Ellinor  30 Nov 1880Knox County, Tennessee I1104 All Families 
16 Walker, George  Between 1831 and 1840Knox County, Tennessee I1109 All Families 
17 Walker, James  10 Jan 1858Knox County, Tennessee I1105 All Families 
18 Walker, Jane  29 Aug 1830Knox County, Tennessee I4863 All Families 
19 Walker, Prudence  Knox County, Tennessee I1114 All Families 
20 Walker, William  20 Aug 1847Knox County, Tennessee I1111 All Families 
21 West, Belle  5 Nov 1947Knox County, Tennessee I31161 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Branch, Amos Melvin  Knox County, Tennessee I31167 All Families 
2 Ferguson, Flora  Knox County, Tennessee I31183 All Families 
3 Ferguson, James M.  Knox County, Tennessee I31160 All Families 
4 Fox, Albert  Knox County, Tennessee I31189 All Families 
5 Fox, Clara Belle  Knox County, Tennessee I31188 All Families 
6 Fox, Y. W. "Bear"  Knox County, Tennessee I31184 All Families 
7 West, Belle  Knox County, Tennessee I31161 All Families 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Thomas  Abt 1790Knox County, Tennessee I1205 All Families 
2 Walker, Jane  27 Sep 1804Knox County, Tennessee I744 All Families 
3 Walker, Rebecca  23 Oct 1815Knox County, Tennessee I746 All Families 
4 Walker, Thomas  19 Dec 1802Knox County, Tennessee I743 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Unknown), Elizabeth  1860Knox County, Tennessee I33278 All Families 
2 (Unknown), Nancy  1880Knox County, Tennessee I39921 All Families 
3 Carpenter, Hugh L. W.  1840Knox County, Tennessee I33449 All Families 
4 Carpenter, Hugh L. W.  1850Knox County, Tennessee I33449 All Families 
5 Carpenter, Leroy  1840Knox County, Tennessee I1115 All Families 
6 Carpenter, Leroy  1850Knox County, Tennessee I1115 All Families 
7 Carpenter, Mary Adaline  1840Knox County, Tennessee I33450 All Families 
8 Carpenter, Mary Adaline  1850Knox County, Tennessee I33450 All Families 
9 Caughron, Charles Robert  1910Knox County, Tennessee I24361 All Families 
10 Douglas, Margaret Ann "Peggy Ann"  1850Knox County, Tennessee I1113 All Families 
11 Douglas, Margaret Ann "Peggy Ann"  1860Knox County, Tennessee I1113 All Families 
12 Eysenbach, Wendell E.  1920Knox County, Tennessee I33326 All Families 
13 Harris, Sarah "Sally"  1850Knox County, Tennessee I4943 All Families 
14 Haworth, Benjamin Canaday  1910Knox County, Tennessee I24117 All Families 
15 Haworth, Eliza Lillian  1910Knox County, Tennessee I24120 All Families 
16 Haworth, Nola Pearl  1910Knox County, Tennessee I24360 All Families 
17 Haworth, Nolan Earl  1910Knox County, Tennessee I24129 All Families 
18 Haworth, Oliver Ray  1910Knox County, Tennessee I24126 All Families 
19 Kennedy, Elizabeth  1830Knox County, Tennessee I1106 All Families 
20 Kennedy, Elizabeth  1840Knox County, Tennessee I1106 All Families 
21 Morrow, Angeline  1850Knox County, Tennessee I32878 All Families 
22 Morrow, Charles  1850Knox County, Tennessee I1526 All Families 
23 Morrow, Charles  1850Knox County, Tennessee I1526 All Families 
24 Morrow, Elizabeth  1850Knox County, Tennessee I32881 All Families 
25 Morrow, John W.  1850Knox County, Tennessee I32879 All Families 
26 Morrow, Prudence  1850Knox County, Tennessee I32882 All Families 
27 Morrow, William W.  1850Knox County, Tennessee I32880 All Families 
28 Pittillo, Bette  1880Knox County, Tennessee I33282 All Families 
29 Pittillo, Charles Gorden  1880Knox County, Tennessee I33286 All Families 
30 Pittillo, Elizabeth  1850Knox County, Tennessee I32893 All Families 
31 Pittillo, Elizabeth  1860Knox County, Tennessee I32893 All Families 
32 Pittillo, George Washington  1880Knox County, Tennessee I33283 All Families 
33 Pittillo, Hugh Kennedy  1850Knox County, Tennessee I32896 All Families 
34 Pittillo, Hugh Kennedy  1860Knox County, Tennessee I32896 All Families 
35 Pittillo, Hugh Kennedy  1880Knox County, Tennessee I32896 All Families 
36 Pittillo, Hugh Kennedy  1900Knox County, Tennessee I32896 All Families 
37 Pittillo, James  1850Knox County, Tennessee I32894 All Families 
38 Pittillo, James  1860Knox County, Tennessee I32894 All Families 
39 Pittillo, John  1880Knox County, Tennessee I33284 All Families 
40 Pittillo, John Vance  1860Knox County, Tennessee I32897 All Families 
41 Pittillo, John Vance  1880Knox County, Tennessee I32897 All Families 
42 Pittillo, Mary  1860Knox County, Tennessee I32898 All Families 
43 Pittillo, Mary  1900Knox County, Tennessee I33321 All Families 
44 Pittillo, Mary  1920Knox County, Tennessee I33321 All Families 
45 Pittillo, Samuel  1850Knox County, Tennessee I32892 All Families 
46 Pittillo, Samuel  1850Knox County, Tennessee I32892 All Families 
47 Pittillo, Samuel  1860Knox County, Tennessee I32892 All Families 
48 Pittillo, Samuel  1880Knox County, Tennessee I33287 All Families 
49 Pittillo, Samuel  1880Knox County, Tennessee I32892 All Families 
50 Pittillo, Samuel Lewis  1900Knox County, Tennessee I33322 All Families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Estate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Walker, William  Apr 1798Knox County, Tennessee I783 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID   Tree 
1 Walker, William  5 Sep 1791Knox County, Tennessee I783 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Walker, Charles  Abt 1800Knox County, Tennessee I1103 All Families 
2 Walker, Francis Samuel "Sam"  Abt 1809/1817Knox County, Tennessee I224 All Families 
3 Walker, George  Between 1806 and 1812Knox County, Tennessee I736 All Families 

Tax Rolls

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax Rolls    Person ID   Tree 
1 Walker, George  Between 1806 and 1812Knox County, Tennessee I736 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Walker, William  1797Knox County, Tennessee I783 All Families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Carpenter / Walker  8 Dec 1829Knox County, Tennessee F573 All Families 
2 Carter / Wilson  6 Mar 1890Knox County, Tennessee F8778 All Families 
3 Davis / Overton  30 May 1814Knox County, Tennessee F11360 All Families 
4 Harris / Eppes  22 Mar 1808Knox County, Tennessee F12094 All Families 
5 Haworth / Wilson  5 Nov 1882Knox County, Tennessee F8651 All Families 
6 McKeehan / Willis  27 Nov 1945Knox County, Tennessee F11459 All Families 
7 Miller / Wilson  26 Jan 1895Knox County, Tennessee F8774 All Families 
8 Morrow / Burnett  25 Aug 1859Knox County, Tennessee F12095 All Families 
9 Morrow / Harris  18 Dec 1823Knox County, Tennessee F744 All Families 
10 Smith / Wilson  3 Sep 1884Knox County, Tennessee F8650 All Families 
11 Walker / (Unknown)  Abt 1806Knox County, Tennessee F571 All Families 
12 Walker / Brady  6 Oct 1853Knox County, Tennessee F568 All Families 
13 Walker / Douglas  8 Dec 1829Knox County, Tennessee F570 All Families 
14 Walker / Kennedy  7 Oct 1806Knox County, Tennessee F567 All Families 
15 Wilson / Brown  3 Sep 1884Knox County, Tennessee F8648 All Families 
16 Wilson / Cruse  30 Mar 1887Knox County, Tennessee F8649 All Families 
17 Wilson / Walker  4 Jan 1857Knox County, Tennessee F569 All Families 
18 York / Kirkpatrick  21 Feb 1840Knox County, Tennessee F11522 All Families 

Alt. Marriage

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   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Carpenter / Walker  7 Dec 1829Knox County, Tennessee F573 All Families