The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Henry County, Iowa

Henry County, Iowa



A Postcard of the Henry County, Iowa, Courthouse in 1948
A Postcard of the Henry County, Iowa, Courthouse in 1948
The front of this card has The Courthouse building in Henry County in 1948 showing as well some of the shrubbery leading to its entrance, and a little of the surrounding area. The caption is "Henry County Court House, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, H11"
A Map of Henry County, Iowa, Published in 1879
A Map of Henry County, Iowa, Published in 1879
This map was found in the 1879 book, The History of Henry County, Iowa. It is useful in giving a general sense of the terrain at that time, and for the townships and sections of townships, which are often alluded to in personal biographies and other records.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
151 Lyman, Edna Aleene  15 Nov 1883Henry County, Iowa I41839 All Families 
152 Lyon, Edward George  1861Henry County, Iowa I1802 All Families 
153 Martin, George William  16 Mar 1919Henry County, Iowa I5673 All Families 
154 Martin, John Leonard "Leonard"  22 Apr 1917Henry County, Iowa I26567 All Families 
155 Martin, Mildred Katherine  12 Dec 1915Henry County, Iowa I26569 All Families 
156 McCormick, Robert Earl "Earl"  17 Sep 1882Henry County, Iowa I22813 All Families 
157 McCosh, Arthur Benjamin  3 Dec 1879Henry County, Iowa I5892 All Families 
158 McCosh, Nora Anna  20 Jul 1874Henry County, Iowa I30891 All Families 
159 McCreight, David Orville "Orville"  12 Dec 1880Henry County, Iowa I42089 All Families 
160 McCreight, Rev. James Lloyd "Lloyd"  4 Jan 1885Henry County, Iowa I42092 All Families 
161 McCullough, Charles Odis "Odis"  Mar 1878Henry County, Iowa I19427 All Families 
162 McCullough, Dollie  Sep 1880Henry County, Iowa I19428 All Families 
163 McCullough, George  15 May 1858Henry County, Iowa I19392 All Families 
164 McCullough, Grant  Sep 1868Henry County, Iowa I19423 All Families 
165 McCullough, Maggie  1877Henry County, Iowa I19426 All Families 
166 McCullough, Mary Ida "Ida"  1864Henry County, Iowa I19421 All Families 
167 McCullough, Ollie M.  1875Henry County, Iowa I19425 All Families 
168 McCullough, Sherman  Sep 1868Henry County, Iowa I19424 All Families 
169 McDowell, Etna Blanche  18 Nov 1890Henry County, Iowa I40217 All Families 
170 McDowell, Gladys Effie  21 Sep 1893Henry County, Iowa I40213 All Families 
171 McDowell, Harry Rex "Rex"  22 Jul 1922Henry County, Iowa I2343 All Families 
172 McDowell, John Early  16 Apr 1868Henry County, Iowa I40209 All Families 
173 McKenzie, Clyde E.  27 Sep 1878Henry County, Iowa I40282 All Families 
174 McVey, Mable Alice  3 Aug 1919Henry County, Iowa I23982 All Families 
175 Miltenberger, (Infant - 36493)  1857Henry County, Iowa I36493 All Families 
176 Miltenberger, (Infant - 36494)  Between 1859 and 1860Henry County, Iowa I36494 All Families 
177 Miltenberger, Charles Wilbur "Wilbur"  20 Sep 1870Henry County, Iowa I36485 All Families 
178 Miltenberger, Margaret Luella "Maggie"  26 Oct 1862Henry County, Iowa I19387 All Families 
179 Miltenberger, Mary Lillian  9 Oct 1872Henry County, Iowa I5519 All Families 
180 Miltenberger, William  17 Nov 1855Henry County, Iowa I36492 All Families 
181 Nelson, Charles Alphonsus  9 Jul 1892Henry County, Iowa I33006 All Families 
182 Nugen, Hannah E.  29 Jun 1870Henry County, Iowa I20732 All Families 
183 O'Connor, Michael Donald  3 Apr 1908Henry County, Iowa I26115 All Families 
184 Owens, Randall Raymond  2 Feb 1911Henry County, Iowa I10574 All Families 
185 Parriott, Elizabeth Helen  23 Mar 1890Henry County, Iowa I12873 All Families 
186 Parriott, Estella J. "Stella"  19 Mar 1877Henry County, Iowa I7769 All Families 
187 Parriott, Mary Frances  8 Apr 1892Henry County, Iowa I12875 All Families 
188 Parriott, William Mason "Mace"  2 Mar 1849Henry County, Iowa I12866 All Families 
189 Pennebaker, Clara Centenial  26 Nov 1876Henry County, Iowa I41530 All Families 
190 Pennebaker, Daniel D.  7 Feb 1860Henry County, Iowa I27719 All Families 
191 Pennebaker, Uriah Blue  24 Sep 1854Henry County, Iowa I26957 All Families 
192 Peterson, Lester E.  24 Jun 1899Henry County, Iowa I13125 All Families 
193 Peterson, Nora May  21 Dec 1907Henry County, Iowa I13122 All Families 
194 Pickle, Florence Inez   I5661 All Families 
195 Potter, Elma Lee  3 Jan 1891Henry County, Iowa I19284 All Families 
196 Poulter, Micajah Lewis  28 Mar 1867Henry County, Iowa I48507 All Families 
197 Pratt, Roscoe  18 Jul 1874Henry County, Iowa I4867 All Families 
198 Prickett, Edna A.  Oct 1880Henry County, Iowa I15241 All Families 
199 Prickett, Elias W.  26 May 1861Henry County, Iowa I15235 All Families 
200 Prickett, Elias Wiley  7 Aug 1888Henry County, Iowa I12250 All Families 

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Matches 151 to 163 of 163

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
151 Watton / Tryer  29 Mar 1860Henry County, Iowa F407 All Families 
152 Weller / Lee  5 Jun 1850Henry County, Iowa F2144 All Families 
153 Weller / North  1 Jan 1865Henry County, Iowa F15386 All Families 
154 Wellington / Jennings  28 Mar 1925Henry County, Iowa F5563 All Families 
155 Wiggins / Knerr  4 Mar 1870Henry County, Iowa F22911 All Families 
156 Willeford / Hudson  1 Jan 1867Henry County, Iowa F6667 All Families 
157 Willeford / Kendall  Henry County, Iowa F2656 All Families 
158 Willeford / Nichols  16 Dec 1884Henry County, Iowa F23629 All Families 
159 Willey / Fischer  1 Mar 1898Henry County, Iowa F9022 All Families 
160 Williams / Krakel  Sep 1875Henry County, Iowa F4770 All Families 
161 Wilson / Alberson  24 Apr 1901Henry County, Iowa F23253 All Families 
162 Wright / Holland  10 Sep 1902Henry County, Iowa F20783 All Families 
163 Zion / Spray  25 Oct 1904Henry County, Iowa F15870 All Families 

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