The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Henry County, Iowa

Henry County, Iowa



A Postcard of the Henry County, Iowa, Courthouse in 1948
A Postcard of the Henry County, Iowa, Courthouse in 1948
The front of this card has The Courthouse building in Henry County in 1948 showing as well some of the shrubbery leading to its entrance, and a little of the surrounding area. The caption is "Henry County Court House, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, H11"
A Map of Henry County, Iowa, Published in 1879
A Map of Henry County, Iowa, Published in 1879
This map was found in the 1879 book, The History of Henry County, Iowa. It is useful in giving a general sense of the terrain at that time, and for the townships and sections of townships, which are often alluded to in personal biographies and other records.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
101 Hale, John  Abt 1839Henry County, Iowa I40899 All Families 
102 Hale, Martha  Abt 1849Henry County, Iowa I40907 All Families 
103 Hale, Mary E.  30 Jan 1855Henry County, Iowa I5882 All Families 
104 Hale, Mary Jane  Abt 1844Henry County, Iowa I40904 All Families 
105 Hale, Polly Ann  Abt 1841Henry County, Iowa I40900 All Families 
106 Hale, Roy W.  21 Nov 1882Henry County, Iowa I22746 All Families 
107 Hale, Sarah C.  Abt 1845Henry County, Iowa I40901 All Families 
108 Hand, Charles Eaven Horace  14 Oct 1895Henry County, Iowa I120 All Families 
109 Hand, Inez Alzada  24 Oct 1893Henry County, Iowa I4503 All Families 
110 Hand, John Edgar  28 Dec 1890Henry County, Iowa I3912 All Families 
111 Hand, Oliver Bertram  20 Mar 1872Henry County, Iowa I19037 All Families 
112 Hannah, Jennie Reil "Reil"  20 Jul 1892Henry County, Iowa I182 All Families 
113 Hannah, John Robert  14 Feb 1882Henry County, Iowa I18874 All Families 
114 Harrison, Mollie  Between 1872 and 1873Henry County, Iowa I11296 All Families 
115 Hockett, Louisa E.  Mar 1855Henry County, Iowa I42222 All Families 
116 Holland, Everett Z.  1880Henry County, Iowa I7791 All Families 
117 Holland, Dr. Marton Carl "Carl"  30 Jul 1886Henry County, Iowa I22775 All Families 
118 Horsey, Edith Rosetta  16 Apr 1886Henry County, Iowa I52670 All Families 
119 Horsey, Laura Anna  27 Jul 1880Henry County, Iowa I52664 All Families 
120 Horsey, Susie Loretta Cornelia  21 Mar 1888Henry County, Iowa I52673 All Families 
121 Hunt, Nellie Francis  16 Mar 1878Henry County, Iowa I16198 All Families 
122 Hutchinson, Claude Porter  21 Nov 1906Henry County, Iowa I52818 All Families 
123 Johns, Edward L.  27 Apr 1883Henry County, Iowa I33761 All Families 
124 Jones, Delbert W.  Nov 1872Henry County, Iowa I57817 All Families 
125 Jones, Lyle Barton  3 Jun 1914Henry County, Iowa I16267 All Families 
126 Kaster, Synthia May "May"  10 May 1865Henry County, Iowa I7910 All Families 
127 King, Columbus C.  Abt 1857Henry County, Iowa I12854 All Families 
128 Krakel, Alpha Maud  17 Jan 1898Henry County, Iowa I13332 All Families 
129 Krakel, Lona Dell  20 Oct 1891Henry County, Iowa I13327 All Families 
130 Lane, Edna U.  10 Sep 1916Henry County, Iowa I55029 All Families 
131 Lease, Laura Isabelle  Apr 1861Henry County, Iowa I5888 All Families 
132 Lee, Chester J. "Chet"  8 Jun 1887Henry County, Iowa I18221 All Families 
133 Lee, Dale Albert  14 May 1905Henry County, Iowa I41775 All Families 
134 Lee, Dora Elzora  Abt 1867Henry County, Iowa I17165 All Families 
135 Lee, Edward Melvin  21 Aug 1871Henry County, Iowa I1070 All Families 
136 Lee, Eliza  9 Mar 1851Henry County, Iowa I5477 All Families 
137 Lee, Francis Martin  20 Jul 1897Henry County, Iowa I19333 All Families 
138 Lee, Hezekiah G.  Apr 1865Henry County, Iowa I13462 All Families 
139 Lee, John Walker  16 Mar 1862Henry County, Iowa I2669 All Families 
140 Lee, Josephine  31 Oct 1906Henry County, Iowa I41776 All Families 
141 Lee, Joshua  3 Apr 1858Henry County, Iowa I24949 All Families 
142 Lee, Levi T.  1854Henry County, Iowa I13468 All Families 
143 Lee, Linnie Dell  23 Jul 1891Henry County, Iowa I57140 All Families 
144 Lee, Mabel Estella  29 Sep 1901Henry County, Iowa I41774 All Families 
145 Lee, Orin Isaac  29 May 1881Henry County, Iowa I57284 All Families 
146 Lee, Virginia I.  5 Nov 1901Henry County, Iowa I16955 All Families 
147 Leeds, John Chester  Jun 1848Henry County, Iowa I11389 All Families 
148 Linch, Nancy Isabel  23 Jan 1860Henry County, Iowa I57304 All Families 
149 Linn, Irene  6 Apr 1852Henry County, Iowa I20988 All Families 
150 Long, Anna Irene  9 Nov 1910Henry County, Iowa I46740 All Families 

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Matches 101 to 150 of 163

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
101 Pettis / Horsey  27 Dec 1899Henry County, Iowa F20810 All Families 
102 Pickard / Hannah  26 Nov 1885Henry County, Iowa F6714 All Families 
103 Pickle / Smith  17 Mar 1872Henry County, Iowa F7084 All Families 
104 Piper / Obermeier  2 Mar 1887Henry County, Iowa F20345 All Families 
105 Pratt / Edgar  5 Feb 1896Henry County, Iowa F1976 All Families 
106 Prickett / Allsup  29 Apr 1879Henry County, Iowa F8740 All Families 
107 Prickett / Burge  7 Feb 1856Henry County, Iowa F2167 All Families 
108 Prickett / Edgar  11 Sep 1918Henry County, Iowa F5576 All Families 
109 Prickett / Ferrel  18 Dec 1879Henry County, Iowa F4408 All Families 
110 Prickett / Wheatcroft  24 Oct 1877Henry County, Iowa F15298 All Families 
111 Ramsey / Linn  31 Mar 1872Henry County, Iowa F7461 All Families 
112 Rasmus / Lee  11 Feb 1903Henry County, Iowa F15309 All Families 
113 Redfearn / Fowler  21 Mar 1875Henry County, Iowa F2323 All Families 
114 Redfearn / Lee  23 Feb 1842Henry County, Iowa F2139 All Families 
115 Redfearn / Murray  12 Mar 1908Henry County, Iowa F6136 All Families 
116 Redfearn / Tucker  21 Aug 1879Henry County, Iowa F6106 All Families 
117 Reese / Ferrel  12 Sep 1905Henry County, Iowa F20348 All Families 
118 Richenberger / Green  5 Oct 1921Henry County, Iowa F22011 All Families 
119 Ricketts / Coad  22 May 1900Henry County, Iowa F6115 All Families 
120 Roberts / McDonald  4 Mar 1845Henry County, Iowa F13510 All Families 
121 Roberts / Rodgers  6 Oct 1869Henry County, Iowa F1182 All Families 
122 Rodgers / Leas  29 Jan 1852Henry County, Iowa F578 All Families 
123 Rodgers / Willeford  20 Sep 1855Henry County, Iowa F2655 All Families 
124 Ross / Lee  11 Apr 1875Henry County, Iowa F15379 All Families 
125 Royer / Messer  10 Aug 1974Henry County, Iowa F7236 All Families 
126 Schenk / Gilyeart  1 Jun 1896Henry County, Iowa F8558 All Families 
127 Sensibaugh / Smith  10 Dec 1858Henry County, Iowa F6906 All Families 
128 Sharp / Prickett  28 May 1857Henry County, Iowa F15299 All Families 
129 Shipley / Hand  10 Apr 1872Henry County, Iowa F1688 All Families 
130 Shipley / Hanks  18 Feb 1898Henry County, Iowa F8865 All Families 
131 Smith / Prickett  6 Nov 1901Henry County, Iowa F8264 All Families 
132 Smith / Recksieck  6 Jan 1917Henry County, Iowa F5735 All Families 
133 Spangler / Lemon  24 Feb 1898Henry County, Iowa F3987 All Families 
134 Stafford / Hanks  31 Dec 1903Henry County, Iowa F15349 All Families 
135 Stockdick / Lee  23 Apr 1863Henry County, Iowa F4809 All Families 
136 Stretchberry / Hale  27 Mar 1881Henry County, Iowa F15283 All Families 
137 Stucker / Hunter  20 Apr 1882Henry County, Iowa F15668 All Families 
138 Swan / Sheridan  27 Sep 1905Henry County, Iowa F7464 All Families 
139 Swan / Vance  21 Aug 1901Henry County, Iowa F18883 All Families 
140 Totemeier / Mae Schenk  12 Dec 1917Henry County, Iowa F22768 All Families 
141 Totemeier / Martin  1896Henry County, Iowa F5694 All Families 
142 Totemeier / Rohlen  6 May 1889Henry County, Iowa F8144 All Families 
143 Van Dyke / Ross  19 Oct 1904Henry County, Iowa F15587 All Families 
144 Van Syoc / McCosh  18 Oct 1893Henry County, Iowa F11304 All Families 
145 Walker / Bishop  23 Apr 1914Henry County, Iowa F4626 All Families 
146 Walker / Conklin  2 Dec 1869Henry County, Iowa F2857 All Families 
147 Walker / Copelin  22 Feb 1888Henry County, Iowa F2844 All Families 
148 Walker / Denny  24 Dec 1896Henry County, Iowa F2849 All Families 
149 Walker / McCreary  18 Feb 1911Henry County, Iowa F7208 All Families 
150 Watkins / Bangs  31 Mar 1885Henry County, Iowa F20649 All Families 

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