The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Des Moines County, Iowa

Des Moines County, Iowa



A Map of Des Moines County, Iowa, Published in 1879
A Map of Des Moines County, Iowa, Published in 1879
This map was found in the 1879 book, The History of Des Moines County, Iowa. It had some damage near the book's spine, and the map is missing a small section across the center where it was bound.


Matches 751 to 782 of 782

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
751 Williams, Adeline "Addie"  26 Dec 1862Des Moines County, Iowa I7917 All Families 
752 Willson, Maurice McConnell  6 Oct 1903Des Moines County, Iowa I4811 All Families 
753 Wilson, Andrew  28 Sep 1864Des Moines County, Iowa I4868 All Families 
754 Wilson, Fred Jr.  2 Oct 1920Des Moines County, Iowa I34266 All Families 
755 Wilson, Fredrick E. "Fred"  22 Jan 1878Des Moines County, Iowa I49967 All Families 
756 Wilson, Susanne  22 Jun 1925Des Moines County, Iowa I49970 All Families 
757 Winters, Paul Raymond  13 Jul 1901Des Moines County, Iowa I49922 All Families 
758 Wirt, Amelia Anna  2 Nov 1894Des Moines County, Iowa I23083 All Families 
759 Wirt, Frank Barnhart  23 May 1898Des Moines County, Iowa I25950 All Families 
760 Wischmeier, Arthur C.  23 Dec 1886Des Moines County, Iowa I47457 All Families 
761 Wischmeier, Dorothy Matilda  26 Aug 1915Des Moines County, Iowa I26143 All Families 
762 Wischmeier, Ethel A.  23 Nov 1896Des Moines County, Iowa I8071 All Families 
763 Wischmeier, John  15 Oct 1860Des Moines County, Iowa I19627 All Families 
764 Witte, Edward F.  22 Feb 1890Des Moines County, Iowa I27703 All Families 
765 Wolverton, George Harlan "Harlan"  6 Aug 1897Des Moines County, Iowa I7492 All Families 
766 Wolverton, John Lemmie "Lem"  24 Jul 1893Des Moines County, Iowa I7493 All Families 
767 Wolverton, Philip  18 Oct 1856Des Moines County, Iowa I30680 All Families 
768 Wolverton, Rosa Alice  29 Feb 1888Des Moines County, Iowa I7495 All Families 
769 Wright, Frances L.  1 Nov 1912Des Moines County, Iowa I32690 All Families 
770 Wright, Martha Jane "Jane"  1 Feb 1916Des Moines County, Iowa I32692 All Families 
771 Wuellner, Mildred Marie  6 Nov 1899Des Moines County, Iowa I7353 All Families 
772 Wunnenberg, Alice D.  4 Oct 1896Des Moines County, Iowa I52685 All Families 
773 Wunnenberg, Bonnie Jean  5 Feb 1933Des Moines County, Iowa I13730 All Families 
774 Wunnenberg, Pearl Emma  6 Aug 1902Des Moines County, Iowa I48311 All Families 
775 Wykert, Virginia  26 Jul 1862Des Moines County, Iowa I26585 All Families 
776 Yohe, Jeanne Harriet  16 Jan 1919Des Moines County, Iowa I13521 All Families 
777 Yohe, Philip W.  14 Aug 1922Des Moines County, Iowa I48516 All Families 
778 Yohe, William O.  11 Mar 1890Des Moines County, Iowa I44020 All Families 
779 Young, Alma  14 May 1893Des Moines County, Iowa I48576 All Families 
780 Zachmeyer, Milo Edward  11 Mar 1910Des Moines County, Iowa I53655 All Families 
781 Zachmeyer, Roy H.  5 Jan 1907Des Moines County, Iowa I53654 All Families 
782 Zion, Laura A.  May 1867Des Moines County, Iowa I40888 All Families 

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