The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Des Moines County, Iowa

Des Moines County, Iowa



A Map of Des Moines County, Iowa, Published in 1879
A Map of Des Moines County, Iowa, Published in 1879
This map was found in the 1879 book, The History of Des Moines County, Iowa. It had some damage near the book's spine, and the map is missing a small section across the center where it was bound.


Matches 251 to 300 of 782

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
251 Hudson, Pleasant G.  22 May 1868Des Moines County, Iowa I30238 All Families 
252 Huffman, Daisy  Abt 1876Des Moines County, Iowa I7937 All Families 
253 Huffman, Mary  Abt 1871Des Moines County, Iowa I7936 All Families 
254 Huffman, Matilda E. "Tilly"  Feb 1860Des Moines County, Iowa I7745 All Families 
255 Huffman, Sadie  Abt 1870Des Moines County, Iowa I7935 All Families 
256 Huffman, William  Feb 1856Des Moines County, Iowa I7939 All Families 
257 Hughes, Matthew  Abt 1846Des Moines County, Iowa I7733 All Families 
258 Huppenbauer, Adolph Carl  9 Apr 1885Des Moines County, Iowa I25814 All Families 
259 Hussel, August  1873Des Moines County, Iowa I48003 All Families 
260 Hussel, Charles  Between 1865 and 1866Des Moines County, Iowa I48013 All Families 
261 Hussel, Henry  18 Aug 1875Des Moines County, Iowa I47980 All Families 
262 Hussel, Isabel  3 Sep 1881Des Moines County, Iowa I48011 All Families 
263 Hussel, Martha A. "Mary"  Nov 1867Des Moines County, Iowa I48007 All Families 
264 Hussel, Rosa Marie  30 Sep 1877Des Moines County, Iowa I48001 All Families 
265 Hutchcroft, Ellis Franklin  1 Apr 1875Des Moines County, Iowa I20333 All Families 
266 Hutchcroft, Fern Beatrice  18 Oct 1922Des Moines County, Iowa I20284 All Families 
267 Hutchcroft, Florence Pearl  10 Apr 1888Des Moines County, Iowa I55019 All Families 
268 Hutchcroft, Glenn Edward  10 Jul 1900Des Moines County, Iowa I20334 All Families 
269 Hutchcroft, Robert  21 Jun 1899Des Moines County, Iowa I43093 All Families 
270 Hutchcroft, Ruth Effie  4 Aug 1901Des Moines County, Iowa I17292 All Families 
271 Hutchcroft, Wayne "Mike"  1 Oct 1911Des Moines County, Iowa I38964 All Families 
272 Ibbotson, Arthur Dale  19 Mar 1891Des Moines County, Iowa I22156 All Families 
273 Ibbotson, Charles K.  Between 1877 and 1878Des Moines County, Iowa I19702 All Families 
274 Ibbotson, Clara  Between 1887 and 1888Des Moines County, Iowa I23167 All Families 
275 Ibbotson, Eugene Burton "Bert"  14 Nov 1890Des Moines County, Iowa I5613 All Families 
276 Ibbotson, Robert  29 Apr 1855Des Moines County, Iowa I6166 All Families 
277 Ibbotson, Vera  12 May 1915Des Moines County, Iowa I16065 All Families 
278 Inghram, Ethel M.  6 Oct 1904Des Moines County, Iowa I56938 All Families 
279 Jack, Lawrence Laird  11 Aug 1896Des Moines County, Iowa I20598 All Families 
280 Jacoba, Ferne "Mom" Frances  14 Dec 1921Des Moines County, Iowa I49875 All Families 
281 Johnson, Mildred Victoria  15 Nov 1899Des Moines County, Iowa I17268 All Families 
282 Johnson, Sophia May "Sophie"  4 Aug 1873Des Moines County, Iowa I962 All Families 
283 Jones, Bernice A.  27 Sep 1916Des Moines County, Iowa I38893 All Families 
284 Jones, Laura  16 Sep 1895Des Moines County, Iowa I23463 All Families 
285 Jones, Nettie  26 May 1863Des Moines County, Iowa I7694 All Families 
286 Judd, Martha Emily "Emma"  17 Jul 1870Des Moines County, Iowa I54900 All Families 
287 Kalmus, Arbutus Louise  8 Mar 1920Des Moines County, Iowa I41845 All Families 
288 Kampmeier, Lydia F.  20 Jun 1862Des Moines County, Iowa I21706 All Families 
289 Kampmeier, Viola M.  22 Aug 1910Des Moines County, Iowa I43042 All Families 
290 Kaster, David Remick "Remick"  4 May 1868Des Moines County, Iowa I13590 All Families 
291 Kaster, Gladys  26 Aug 1898Des Moines County, Iowa I13610 All Families 
292 Kaster, Hallie May  29 Aug 1894Des Moines County, Iowa I8052 All Families 
293 Kaster, Ray William  3 May 1889Des Moines County, Iowa I8050 All Families 
294 Kaster, Russell Dale  3 Dec 1891Des Moines County, Iowa I8051 All Families 
295 Kaster, Sperry W.  21 Mar 1893Des Moines County, Iowa I13606 All Families 
296 Kaster, Dr. Thomas Joseph "Joseph"  4 Jul 1875Des Moines County, Iowa I13591 All Families 
297 Keller, Ruth Jane "Jane"  11 Sep 1845Des Moines County, Iowa I57719 All Families 
298 Kelly, Walter J.  6 Mar 1895Des Moines County, Iowa I46869 All Families 
299 Kennedy, Mary Eliza "Mayme"  29 Nov 1872Des Moines County, Iowa I18143 All Families 
300 Kennedy, Renwick James "James"  19 May 1880Des Moines County, Iowa I57779 All Families 

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Matches 251 to 277 of 277

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
251 Wehage / Andries  17 Dec 1932Des Moines County, Iowa F18563 All Families 
252 Welch / Walker  10 Mar 1874Des Moines County, Iowa F7030 All Families 
253 Weller / Hale  9 Mar 1851Des Moines County, Iowa F15282 All Families 
254 Wells / Walker   F12633 All Families 
255 White / Davis  25 Sep 1895Des Moines County, Iowa F20366 All Families 
256 Wichhart / Shutt  Abt 15 Apr 1914Des Moines County, Iowa F18760 All Families 
257 Wiegert / Chriss  21 Nov 1862Des Moines County, Iowa F11041 All Families 
258 Wiele / Poggemiller  8 Februay 1893Des Moines County, Iowa F18016 All Families 
259 Wilke / Jacoby  17 Jun 1908Des Moines County, Iowa F12402 All Families 
260 Wilkerson / Holmberg   F7591 All Families 
261 Williams / Dickey  10 Nov 1863Des Moines County, Iowa F2360 All Families 
262 Williams / Gates  16 Oct 1895Des Moines County, Iowa F18875 All Families 
263 Wischmeier / Schroder  6 Dec 1893Des Moines County, Iowa F9308 All Families 
264 Wischmeier / Taeger  13 Apr 1913Des Moines County, Iowa F18136 All Families 
265 Wischmeier / Walker  26 Feb 1896Des Moines County, Iowa F2812 All Families 
266 Wohlwend / Yger  21 Apr 1909Des Moines County, Iowa F20141 All Families 
267 Wolverton / Husted  29 Nov 1849Des Moines County, Iowa F2771 All Families 
268 Wolverton / Judd  27 Mar 1884Des Moines County, Iowa F11216 All Families 
269 Wolverton / Schrey  11 Apr 1917Des Moines County, Iowa F11217 All Families 
270 Wright / Porter  6 Oct 1842Des Moines County, Iowa F15350 All Families 
271 Wuellner / Krieger  15 Dec 1892Des Moines County, Iowa F7097 All Families 
272 Youngman / Walker  23 Sep 1942Des Moines County, Iowa F6412 All Families 
273 Zachmeyer / Bazel  27 Feb 1901Des Moines County, Iowa F17870 All Families 
274 Zachmeyer / Tiedemann  Nov 1878Des Moines County, Iowa F7812 All Families 
275 Zeller / Eccles  18 Feb 1904Des Moines County, Iowa F6293 All Families 
276 Zeller / Krakel  28 Jan 1859Des Moines County, Iowa F4759 All Families 
277 Zeller / Warth  24 Feb 1916Des Moines County, Iowa F6292 All Families 

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