The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Des Moines County, Iowa

Des Moines County, Iowa



A Map of Des Moines County, Iowa, Published in 1879
A Map of Des Moines County, Iowa, Published in 1879
This map was found in the 1879 book, The History of Des Moines County, Iowa. It had some damage near the book's spine, and the map is missing a small section across the center where it was bound.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
201 Green, Kenneth Max Sr.  21 Feb 1909Des Moines County, Iowa I31939 All Families 
202 Green, Nellie  18 Mar 1866Des Moines County, Iowa I31945 All Families 
203 Gregory, Ira Wilbur  7 Mar 1870Des Moines County, Iowa I9216 All Families 
204 Griffel, Clara Elizabeth  19 Feb 1875Des Moines County, Iowa I17071 All Families 
205 Grinstead, Delora Gertrude  14 May 1916Des Moines County, Iowa I36750 All Families 
206 Grinstead, Earl Eugene  2 Dec 1920Des Moines County, Iowa I10220 All Families 
207 Grinstead, Jean Lucille  24 Nov 1928Des Moines County, Iowa I36745 All Families 
208 Gulick, John Henry  3 Nov 1870Des Moines County, Iowa I23043 All Families 
209 Gustafson, Keith Howard   I17355 All Families 
210 Gustafson, Louis F. "Luke"  22 Oct 1915Des Moines County, Iowa I17354 All Families 
211 Gustafson, Wayne Allen   I17356 All Families 
212 Haight, Daniel L.  5 Apr 1854Des Moines County, Iowa I27414 All Families 
213 Haight, Margaret Maria  6 Jan 1856Des Moines County, Iowa I27407 All Families 
214 Hale, Joseph Franklin  25 Jan 1859Des Moines County, Iowa I20135 All Families 
215 Hale, William K.  2 Apr 1856Des Moines County, Iowa I5868 All Families 
216 Hales, Gerald Alan "Jerry"  30 Sep 1926Des Moines County, Iowa I9505 All Families 
217 Hand, Dot Vashti  30 Jul 1916Des Moines County, Iowa I3915 All Families 
218 Hanks, Velda Ruby  18 Jan 1917Des Moines County, Iowa I47126 All Families 
219 Hanson, Sophie C.  21 Sep 1901Des Moines County, Iowa I46988 All Families 
220 Hartley, Nellie Fannie  22 Sep 1879Des Moines County, Iowa I43085 All Families 
221 Hartman, Catherine Marie  23 Nov 1888Des Moines County, Iowa I49058 All Families 
222 Hartman, Frederick "Fred"  31 Mar 1877Des Moines County, Iowa I31025 All Families 
223 Hartman, Lucille  7 Oct 1879Des Moines County, Iowa I49055 All Families 
224 Hartman, Maude "Mollie"  30 Sep 1872Des Moines County, Iowa I49053 All Families 
225 Hellenthal, Antoinette  3 Jan 1895Des Moines County, Iowa I51943 All Families 
226 Hellenthal, Geraldine "Jeri"  9 Jan 1927Des Moines County, Iowa I51940 All Families 
227 Hellenthal, Wayne Edward  8 Feb 1925Des Moines County, Iowa I18234 All Families 
228 Helmuth, Edith  23 May 1906Des Moines County, Iowa I53116 All Families 
229 Henriksen, Mary Christine  Apr 1886Des Moines County, Iowa I57306 All Families 
230 Heustoan, Mary Jane  Oct 1847Des Moines County, Iowa I40920 All Families 
231 Hickenbottom, Ella Mae  30 Jan 1923Des Moines County, Iowa I2251 All Families 
232 Hickenbottom, Roy Lyle  25 Aug 1920Des Moines County, Iowa I2392 All Families 
233 Hinson, Hattie Ruth  6 Aug 1905Des Moines County, Iowa I21518 All Families 
234 Hoambrecker, Elizabeth  20 May 1913Des Moines County, Iowa I47674 All Families 
235 Hoambrecker, Stella L.  16 Jun 1910Des Moines County, Iowa I47673 All Families 
236 Hocke, Lloyd  Aug 1905Des Moines County, Iowa I25900 All Families 
237 Hohmbraker, Blanche  24 Apr 1892Des Moines County, Iowa I48568 All Families 
238 Hohmbraker, Edward "Ed"  1873Des Moines County, Iowa I21509 All Families 
239 Hohmbraker, Frank  28 Apr 1884Des Moines County, Iowa I48571 All Families 
240 Hohmbraker, Harry  11 Jan 1890Des Moines County, Iowa I48570 All Families 
241 Hohmbraker, John  1878Des Moines County, Iowa I48569 All Families 
242 Hohmbraker, Mabel  Abt 1888Des Moines County, Iowa I48564 All Families 
243 Hohmbraker, Nellie I.  28 Aug 1887Des Moines County, Iowa I21505 All Families 
244 Holmquist, Raymond William  15 Dec 1916Des Moines County, Iowa I12168 All Families 
245 Howe, Arthur Thomas "Art"  5 Jan 1894Des Moines County, Iowa I8085 All Families 
246 Howe, Carl H.  16 Dec 1889Des Moines County, Iowa I8084 All Families 
247 Howe, John Everett "Everett"  17 Apr 1888Des Moines County, Iowa I8082 All Families 
248 Howe, Louisa Jane  17 Mar 1855Des Moines County, Iowa I9921 All Families 
249 Howe, Margaret Ellen  7 Jan 1933Des Moines County, Iowa I47891 All Families 
250 Huber, Dorothy Elizabeth  1 Jul 1911Des Moines County, Iowa I41620 All Families 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
201 Schreckenger / Davis  30 Oct 1852Des Moines County, Iowa F4022 All Families 
202 Schuler / Hartley  27 Nov 1901Des Moines County, Iowa F16144 All Families 
203 Schurman / Bowen  6 Jun 1925Des Moines County, Iowa F4103 All Families 
204 Schwartz / Ort  1905Des Moines County, Iowa F9918 All Families 
205 Schwerin / Moehle  5 Feb 1919Des Moines County, Iowa F19376 All Families 
206 Scott / Hellenthal  12 Jun 1877Des Moines County, Iowa F9331 All Families 
207 Scott / Walker  21 Feb 1882Des Moines County, Iowa F4632 All Families 
208 Seibert / Miller  Abt 8 May 1904Des Moines County, Iowa F18391 All Families 
209 Shepperd / Wasson  26 Aug 1869Des Moines County, Iowa F6910 All Families 
210 Shreve / Gulick  10 Feb 1880Des Moines County, Iowa F9166 All Families 
211 Shreve / Hahn  12 Dec 1878Des Moines County, Iowa F6625 All Families 
212 Siekman / Myers  8 Mar 1894Des Moines County, Iowa F19975 All Families 
213 Sielerman / Dreckmeier  5 Feb 1859Des Moines County, Iowa F11136 All Families 
214 Sielerman / Walker  17 Dec 1913Des Moines County, Iowa F5710 All Families 
215 Simerl / Walker  13 Sep 1866Des Moines County, Iowa F2824 All Families 
216 Smith / Dean  3 Mar 1872Des Moines County, Iowa F3111 All Families 
217 Stafford / Hale  1 Mar 1849Des Moines County, Iowa F5971 All Families 
218 Stafford / Wright  29 Nov 1877Des Moines County, Iowa F15347 All Families 
219 Stewart / Green  15 Mar 1906Des Moines County, Iowa F17398 All Families 
220 Stout / Walker   F6446 All Families 
221 Thomas / Flesher  30 Sep 1853Des Moines County, Iowa F11774 All Families 
222 Thompson / Lee  29 Jul 1871Des Moines County, Iowa F6765 All Families 
223 Timmerman / Pogemiller  18 Sep 1859Des Moines County, Iowa F9707 All Families 
224 Traman / Poggemiller  25 Apr 1889Des Moines County, Iowa F20368 All Families 
225 Trimble / Walker  2 Apr 1848Des Moines County, Iowa F2747 All Families 
226 Tucker / Fleenor  2 Oct 1853Des Moines County, Iowa F6908 All Families 
227 Van Nice / Howe  14 Mar 1860Des Moines County, Iowa F961 All Families 
228 Van Osdol / Poole  10 Oct 1867Des Moines County, Iowa F6527 All Families 
229 Walker / Allen  9 Feb 1921Des Moines County, Iowa F7739 All Families 
230 Walker / Barnes  14 Feb 1867Des Moines County, Iowa F2860 All Families 
231 Walker / Barnes  28 Dec 1871Des Moines County, Iowa F2874 All Families 
232 Walker / Berterman  4 Mar 1878Des Moines County, Iowa F2762 All Families 
233 Walker / Bush  18 Feb 1841Des Moines County, Iowa F2749 All Families 
234 Walker / Chrissinger  5 Apr 1862-6 Apr 1862Des Moines County, Iowa F2834 All Families 
235 Walker / Courts  17 Feb 1853Des Moines County, Iowa F2828 All Families 
236 Walker / Dorn  24 Dec 1840Des Moines County, Iowa F2748 All Families 
237 Walker / Howe  30 Oct 1873Des Moines County, Iowa F3558 All Families 
238 Walker / Huffman  14 Apr 1868Des Moines County, Iowa F8323 All Families 
239 Walker / Kaster  4 Mar 1883Des Moines County, Iowa F2805 All Families 
240 Walker / McAllister  23 Feb 1871Des Moines County, Iowa F2869 All Families 
241 Walker / Mehan  18 Aug 1861Des Moines County, Iowa F2843 All Families 
242 Walker / Mitchell  5 Feb 1860Des Moines County, Iowa F2823 All Families 
243 Walker / Salladay  24 Mar 1854Des Moines County, Iowa F2757 All Families 
244 Walker / Taeger  7 Apr 1926Des Moines County, Iowa F7082 All Families 
245 Walker / Van Osdol  9 Dec 1908Des Moines County, Iowa F2881 All Families 
246 Walker / Williams  Between Aug 1859 and Jul 1860Des Moines County, Iowa F2814 All Families 
247 Walker / Williams  17 Oct 1877Des Moines County, Iowa F2877 All Families 
248 Walker / Willis  7 Mar 1878Des Moines County, Iowa F2831 All Families 
249 Wallace / (Unknown)   F19776 All Families 
250 Warth / Walker  4 Feb 1903Des Moines County, Iowa F8336 All Families 

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