The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Des Moines County, Iowa

Des Moines County, Iowa



A Map of Des Moines County, Iowa, Published in 1879
A Map of Des Moines County, Iowa, Published in 1879
This map was found in the 1879 book, The History of Des Moines County, Iowa. It had some damage near the book's spine, and the map is missing a small section across the center where it was bound.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
151 Duryea, Thomas Franklyn "Frank"  10 Dec 1867Des Moines County, Iowa I2449 All Families 
152 Duval, Walter McKinley  7 Jan 1897Des Moines County, Iowa I51202 All Families 
153 Edgar, John W.  Abt 1857Des Moines County, Iowa I2500 All Families 
154 Eggers, Alice Eliza  24 Sep 1894Des Moines County, Iowa I8216 All Families 
155 Eggers, Anna Catherine  30 Dec 1892Des Moines County, Iowa I8215 All Families 
156 Eggers, James Martin  5 Apr 1871Des Moines County, Iowa I7876 All Families 
157 Eibes, Marvin Leon  20 Aug 1938Des Moines County, Iowa I18115 All Families 
158 Eversman, Wilhelmina A. "Minnie"  27 Oct 1915Des Moines County, Iowa I41398 All Families 
159 Faris, Mary Etta "Etta"  15 Apr 1869Des Moines County, Iowa I7929 All Families 
160 Featherby, Carrie Hannah "Cara"  3 Oct 1868Des Moines County, Iowa I22765 All Families 
161 Fent, Ida May  23 Jan 1909Des Moines County, Iowa I57733 All Families 
162 Finke, Lawrence H.  8 Jan 1897Des Moines County, Iowa I46083 All Families 
163 Fischer, Jennie Myrtle  19 Jan 1913Des Moines County, Iowa I15784 All Families 
164 Foggy, Hattie Dell  1872Des Moines County, Iowa I41205 All Families 
165 Foster, William E. "Will"  4 Oct 1884Des Moines County, Iowa I22809 All Families 
166 Frame, Mary J.  26 Jun 1852Des Moines County, Iowa I18727 All Families 
167 Freitag, Enola Julia "Nona"  13 Jan 1894Des Moines County, Iowa I20635 All Families 
168 Freitag, John L.  12 Sep 1865Des Moines County, Iowa I20687 All Families 
169 Freitag, Ruby L.  8 Oct 1895Des Moines County, Iowa I43605 All Families 
170 Funk, Carrol Kenneth "Kenneth"  14 Sep 1914Des Moines County, Iowa I41559 All Families 
171 Funk, Clara Crystal  20 Nov 1884Des Moines County, Iowa I52881 All Families 
172 Funk, Flossie Gay  19 Nov 1890Des Moines County, Iowa I42451 All Families 
173 Funk, Freddie  4 Nov 1886Des Moines County, Iowa I52887 All Families 
174 Funk, Laura V.  10 Jun 1882Des Moines County, Iowa I41520 All Families 
175 Gabeline, Enos  9 Apr 1856Des Moines County, Iowa I7715 All Families 
176 Gabeline, Gaine Garnet  18 Aug 1901Des Moines County, Iowa I31982 All Families 
177 Gabeline, Hettie  1871Des Moines County, Iowa I13418 All Families 
178 Gadbaw, Bonnie Jean   I198 All Families 
179 Garrels, Blanche Irene  1 Dec 1928Des Moines County, Iowa I24958 All Families 
180 Gerbeling, Elsie Marie  17 May 1908Des Moines County, Iowa I57807 All Families 
181 Gerdner, Ruth Juanita  15 Aug 1917Des Moines County, Iowa I42466 All Families 
182 Gerling, Carl Fredrick  1 Feb 1877Des Moines County, Iowa I22431 All Families 
183 Gerling, Robert Burgus  3 Aug 1908Des Moines County, Iowa I22441 All Families 
184 Granaman, Betty Aileen   I9519 All Families 
185 Granaman, Evelyn Elaine   I9487 All Families 
186 Granaman, George  25 Jun 1883Des Moines County, Iowa I52060 All Families 
187 Granaman, Lois Mae   I9528 All Families 
188 Granaman, Martin Thomas  16 Aug 1891Des Moines County, Iowa I52053 All Families 
189 Granaman, Shirley Ethyl   I9504 All Families 
190 Grannamann, Mary  22 Aug 1868Des Moines County, Iowa I26474 All Families 
191 Granneman, Frank  17 Jun 1894Des Moines County, Iowa I43940 All Families 
192 Grannemann, Frank  17 Jun 1894Des Moines County, Iowa I27897 All Families 
193 Green, Arvilla Mae "Mae"  1867Des Moines County, Iowa I31946 All Families 
194 Green, Daisy  10 Dec 1872Des Moines County, Iowa I31948 All Families 
195 Green, Evelyn Gladys  10 Oct 1897Des Moines County, Iowa I6538 All Families 
196 Green, Fern Ethel  17 Jul 1895Des Moines County, Iowa I31935 All Families 
197 Green, Freddie  12 Jun 1875Des Moines County, Iowa I31949 All Families 
198 Green, Harry Frank  27 Dec 1891Des Moines County, Iowa I31973 All Families 
199 Green, Hosea K.  17 Apr 1871Des Moines County, Iowa I31947 All Families 
200 Green, Jessie P.  May 1881Des Moines County, Iowa I31951 All Families 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
151 McKeown / Nantz  17 Jun 1897Des Moines County, Iowa F19691 All Families 
152 Merrill / Hutchcroft  23 May 1894Des Moines County, Iowa F8102 All Families 
153 Miller / Barnes  31 Oct 1864Des Moines County, Iowa F10020 All Families 
154 Miller / Berry  9 Mar 1910Des Moines County, Iowa F11170 All Families 
155 Miller / Hayes  2 Jan 1876Des Moines County, Iowa F6453 All Families 
156 Miller / Portlock  6 Nov 1864Des Moines County, Iowa F6451 All Families 
157 Mitchell / Walker  5 Mar 1860Des Moines County, Iowa F2856 All Families 
158 Moehle / Taeger  6 Dec 1916Des Moines County, Iowa F23188 All Families 
159 Moehn / Chriss  19 Jul 1884Des Moines County, Iowa F11043 All Families 
160 Morrison / Walker  22 Sep 1862Des Moines County, Iowa F20777 All Families 
161 Moyer / Deam  14 Feb 1861Des Moines County, Iowa F4412 All Families 
162 Moyers / Deen  22 Jul 1849Des Moines County, Iowa F1640 All Families 
163 Moyers / Kurtz  10 Jul 1859Des Moines County, Iowa F1641 All Families 
164 Murguia / Granaman   F3384 All Families 
165 Myers / Baird  6 Feb 1895Des Moines County, Iowa F19974 All Families 
166 Nelson / Hutchcroft   F6230 All Families 
167 Overton / Conn   F19744 All Families 
168 Panther / Beckman  9 Feb 1904Des Moines County, Iowa F9479 All Families 
169 Panther / Nelson  22 Jan 1906Des Moines County, Iowa F6557 All Families 
170 Pennebaker / Herrell  15 Feb 1849Des Moines County, Iowa F10160 All Families 
171 Pennebaker / Krause  26 Mar 1893Des Moines County, Iowa F11052 All Families 
172 Pforts / Nichols  20 Nov 1913Des Moines County, Iowa F4683 All Families 
173 Pilling / Hutchcroft  20 Sep 1863Des Moines County, Iowa F2053 All Families 
174 Ping / Cocayne  1 Feb 1849Des Moines County, Iowa F6651 All Families 
175 Ping / Randolph  29 Oct 1894Des Moines County, Iowa F7064 All Families 
176 Pogemiller / Timmerman  3 Jan 1912Des Moines County, Iowa F4849 All Families 
177 Poggemiller / Todd  7 May 1925Des Moines County, Iowa F23156 All Families 
178 Portlock / Fleenor  21 Oct 1849Des Moines County, Iowa F9031 All Families 
179 Portlock / Zion  19 Feb 1852Des Moines County, Iowa F15268 All Families 
180 Preuss / Brandmeyer  11 May 1886Des Moines County, Iowa F11242 All Families 
181 Prickett / Weller  30 Nov 1877Des Moines County, Iowa F15377 All Families 
182 Purcell / Cox  16 Mar 1870Des Moines County, Iowa F9540 All Families 
183 Purcell / Torode  1 Feb 1872Des Moines County, Iowa F4730 All Families 
184 Redfearn / Howard  Jan 1876Des Moines County, Iowa F2165 All Families 
185 Reinholz / Jackson  29 Apr 1873Des Moines County, Iowa F23868 All Families 
186 Reiter / Walker  30 Dec 1858Des Moines County, Iowa F963 All Families 
187 Rexroat / Moyers  8 Sep 1850Des Moines County, Iowa F793 All Families 
188 Rice / Bergen  20 Sep 1853Des Moines County, Iowa F4247 All Families 
189 Rich / Green  6 Jun 1906Des Moines County, Iowa F11729 All Families 
190 Riepe / Greve  27 Feb 1874Des Moines County, Iowa F11220 All Families 
191 Roberts / Anderson  17 Feb 1856Des Moines County, Iowa F4074 All Families 
192 Rothjens / Distelhorst  25 Aug 1874Des Moines County, Iowa F22864 All Families 
193 Rouse / Loper  25 Mar 1847Des Moines County, Iowa F3262 All Families 
194 Salladay / Barnes  2 May 1855Des Moines County, Iowa F11016 All Families 
195 Salladay / Walker  12 Dec 1850Des Moines County, Iowa F2832 All Families 
196 Schaefer / Krekel  10 Sep 1878Des Moines County, Iowa F4742 All Families 
197 Schmidt / Kraul  30 Oct 1869Des Moines County, Iowa F11717 All Families 
198 Schmidt / Lane  1900Des Moines County, Iowa F11720 All Families 
199 Schmidt / Pogemiller  29 Jan 1902Des Moines County, Iowa F20343 All Families 
200 Schmidt / Wilke  6 Oct 1910Des Moines County, Iowa F20378 All Families 

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