The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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West Virginia


Tree: All Families
Notes: Formed 1863.
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Mamie V.  Abt 1882West Virginia I29107 All Families 
2 Alt, Richard Mason  27 Jul 1924West Virginia I38183 All Families 
3 Anderegg, Max John  12 May 1913West Virginia I27859 All Families 
4 Armstrong, Anna Mary  Sep 1894West Virginia I28512 All Families 
5 Armstrong, Belle  Sep 1880West Virginia I48892 All Families 
6 Armstrong, Clara  Jun 1892West Virginia I28511 All Families 
7 Armstrong, Walter O.  26 Feb 1877West Virginia I48891 All Families 
8 Ayers, Cecil William  20 May 1899West Virginia I59387 All Families 
9 Ayers, Clara C.  May 1884West Virginia I59384 All Families 
10 Ayers, Edgar Harold "Bill"  5 May 1878West Virginia I18697 All Families 
11 Ayers, Eugene Herbert  5 May 1878West Virginia I18699 All Families 
12 Ayers, James E.  Jun 1872West Virginia I18698 All Families 
13 Ayers, Leona Nadine  Between 1868 and 1869West Virginia I18696 All Families 
14 Blake, B. F.  Between 1869 and 1870West Virginia I38637 All Families 
15 Blake, Bertha C.  12 Dec 1910West Virginia I38521 All Families 
16 Blake, Harvey L.   I38641 All Families 
17 Blake, Henry J.   I38522 All Families 
18 Blake, James  Between Oct 1909 and Nov 1909West Virginia I38519 All Families 
19 Blake, John Jackson "Jack"  Feb 1874West Virginia I29624 All Families 
20 Blake, John P. Ruben "Reuben"  Between 1902 and 1903West Virginia I38517 All Families 
21 Blake, Lola Mae  30 May 1908West Virginia I38516 All Families 
22 Blake, Lona G. "Loni"   I38525 All Families 
23 Blake, Mary Ann  Between 1866 and 1867West Virginia I38636 All Families 
24 Blake, Myrtle M.  Between 1906 and 1907West Virginia I38518 All Families 
25 Blake, William H.  Between 1864 and 1865West Virginia I38635 All Families 
26 Bonnell, Truman W.  1873West Virginia I38227 All Families 
27 Bosley, Linsie D.  24 Jan 1875West Virginia I38847 All Families 
28 Bosley, Mary Azalea  Between May 1929 and Jun 1929West Virginia I38743 All Families 
29 Bosley, Russell Ashby  1 Apr 1890West Virginia I38819 All Families 
30 Bowman, Blanche Helen  1891West Virginia I59215 All Families 
31 Bragg, Charles   I38504 All Families 
32 Bragg, Charles Earl  19 Jul 1890West Virginia I38826 All Families 
33 Bragg, Clara Gay  28 Aug 1886West Virginia I38824 All Families 
34 Bragg, Daniel W.  Between 1902 and 1903West Virginia I38499 All Families 
35 Bragg, Daniel Webster "Webster"  1877West Virginia I19492 All Families 
36 Bragg, Fannie May  12 Feb 1899West Virginia I38829 All Families 
37 Bragg, Floda D.  Jul 1890West Virginia I38489 All Families 
38 Bragg, Gabriel G.  16 May 1874West Virginia I19491 All Families 
39 Bragg, Ida Belle "Belle"  28 Jun 1888West Virginia I38825 All Families 
40 Bragg, James Roy  8 Feb 1899West Virginia I38443 All Families 
41 Bragg, Joseph  Abt 1866West Virginia I38330 All Families 
42 Bragg, Joseph Henry  Jun 1897West Virginia I38442 All Families 
43 Bragg, Nola W.  Between 1912 and 1913West Virginia I38503 All Families 
44 Bragg, Rhoda Ellen  14 May 1892West Virginia I38827 All Families 
45 Bragg, Samuel J.  2 Nov 1882West Virginia I29617 All Families 
46 Bragg, Willie W.  Jun 1895West Virginia I38491 All Families 
47 Bright, Denzil Brant  Abt 1920West Virginia I28337 All Families 
48 Bright, Elza Arthur  9 Dec 1913West Virginia I28340 All Families 
49 Bright, Emma E.  1923West Virginia I59144 All Families 
50 Bright, Faye Ercel  Abt 1918West Virginia I28339 All Families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Butcher, Granville S. M.  1 Apr 1921West Virginia I28507 All Families 
2 Cutlip, Erma Louise  21 Jan 1930West Virginia I38553 All Families 
3 Cutlip, Georgia Grace  2 Apr 1942West Virginia I38581 All Families 
4 Cutlip, Pearl James  18 Oct 1940West Virginia I38580 All Families 
5 Gregory, Paul Pierson  25 Nov 1990West Virginia I25282 All Families 
6 Hall, Ira  12 Mar 1880West Virginia I55356 All Families 
7 Jones, Esther Cornelia  14 Nov 1938West Virginia I27913 All Families 
8 Jordan, Sennet J.  30 Mar 1934West Virginia I59294 All Families 
9 King, George Milton  4 Feb 2001West Virginia I27962 All Families 
10 Kniceley, Madora Ann  22 Jan 1911West Virginia I28506 All Families 
11 Lewis, John Jr.  21 Nov 1922West Virginia I8555 All Families 
12 Mollohan, Charles Henderson Sr.  17 Nov 1963West Virginia I28445 All Families 
13 Morgan, Walter Daniel  1930West Virginia I31337 All Families 
14 Mowrey, Malinda Jane  26 Apr 1926West Virginia I19515 All Families 
15 Ocheltree, Henry  9 Oct 1937West Virginia I37325 All Families 
16 Ours, Harry Jr.  11 Jul 1927West Virginia I27785 All Families 
17 Rohrbough, Dorcus "Darky"  11 Feb 1881West Virginia I27985 All Families 
18 Wilfong, Asa David  16 Apr 1963West Virginia I37117 All Families 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blake, John Jackson "Jack"  Abt 1877West Virginia I29624 All Families 
2 Blake, Lora Wilbert  Apr 1896West Virginia I38470 All Families 
3 Bragg, Annie D.  Sep 1884West Virginia I29618 All Families 
4 Bragg, Berthena  Jun 1882West Virginia I38385 All Families 
5 Bragg, Gabriel G.  Between 1875 and 1876West Virginia I19491 All Families 
6 Bragg, George W.  Between 1902 and 1903West Virginia I38500 All Families 
7 Bragg, Gideon Burns  25 Feb 1879West Virginia I38495 All Families 
8 Bragg, Henry Tucker  Between 1873 and 1874West Virginia I19490 All Families 
9 Bragg, Isaac N. "Ike"  May 1893West Virginia I38490 All Families 
10 Bragg, James Logan  Aug 1887West Virginia I38488 All Families 
11 Bragg, Mary M.  Oct 1885West Virginia I29619 All Families 
12 Butcher, Eugene Floyd "Gene"  Oct 1890West Virginia I59147 All Families 
13 Butcher, James L.  Feb 1894West Virginia I59178 All Families 
14 Butcher, John William  Sep 1892West Virginia I59177 All Families 
15 Butcher, Matilda J.  Jun 1869West Virginia I28509 All Families 
16 Butcher, Phebe Lucy  Feb 1886West Virginia I59174 All Families 
17 Casto, Charles Loman "Charlie"  20 May 1878West Virginia I37209 All Families 
18 Cogar, Flora Cathern  1875West Virginia I14993 All Families 
19 Colley, Kyle D.  West Virginia I46522 All Families 
20 Dean, Anthony C.  Between 1865 and 1866West Virginia I18657 All Families 
21 Dean, Burgess  May 1868West Virginia I14912 All Families 
22 Dean, Charles Tomes "Charley"  Feb 1889West Virginia I28750 All Families 
23 Dean, Ernestine Bell "Tine"  Nov 1886West Virginia I28748 All Families 
24 Dean, George Franklin  Between 1867 and 1868West Virginia I18690 All Families 
25 Dean, Hyre Lee "Lee"  1868West Virginia I18654 All Families 
26 Dean, Ida C.  Between 1876 and 1877West Virginia I18665 All Families 
27 Dean, Maude Catherine  Sep 1887West Virginia I28749 All Families 
28 Dean, Minter Cleveland "Cleve"  Oct 1884West Virginia I28747 All Families 
29 Dean, Wade Hampton  Between 1875 and 1876West Virginia I18656 All Families 
30 Given, Letha  Between 1901 and 1902West Virginia I38528 All Families 
31 Golden, Rebecca  May 1866West Virginia I30977 All Families 
32 Keller, Charles Setcher  Dec 1888West Virginia I48203 All Families 
33 Mollohan, Hank James "Junior Hank" Jr.  17 Jul 1918West Virginia I28444 All Families 
34 Morris, Ezekiel H.  1870West Virginia I42776 All Families 
35 Shively, Myrtle  1872West Virginia I42777 All Families 
36 Singleton, Carris  25 Feb 1911West Virginia I29040 All Families 
37 Singleton, Carris  Between 1912 and 1913West Virginia I29040 All Families 
38 Singleton, John Samuel  1904West Virginia I38878 All Families 
39 Turner, Flora Carolina  Abt 1873West Virginia I29620 All Families 
40 Turner, Flora Carolina  26 Jan 1880West Virginia I29620 All Families 
41 Wilfong, Roy Daniel  Jun 1890West Virginia I36936 All Families 

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Tenney, George Washington  18 Sep 1908West Virginia I27986 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Shoemaker, Osa E. "Nettie"  1880West Virginia I18551 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blake, Lee Hobert "Hobert"  Jan 2001West Virginia I38478 All Families 
2 Goodwin, Elsie Ann  1998West Virginia I36906 All Families 
3 Ours, William George "Bill" Sr.  2007West Virginia I37062 All Families 
4 Posey, Okey S. Sr.  Jun 2005West Virginia I29357 All Families 
5 Riffle, Bulah Florence  Mar 2003West Virginia I38526 All Families 
6 Wilfong, Allen Lee  2004West Virginia I37021 All Families 
7 Wilfong, Harley Wayne  2004West Virginia I36895 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Politics    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dean, Johnson Clark  1929West Virginia I28679 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Knight, Doris   I38705 All Families 
2 Knight, Phyllis  Oct 2005West Virginia I38707 All Families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bennett / Bragg  West Virginia F14383 All Families 
2 Bright / Barnett   F9083 All Families 
3 Dean / Given   F16694 All Families 
4 Hinkle / Westfall  West Virginia F10189 All Families 
5 Hughes / Westfall  West Virginia F10190 All Families 
6 Karickhoff / Westfall  West Virginia F10197 All Families 
7 Mollohan / Hartman   F10417 All Families 
8 Mollohan / Roybal  18 Jan 1946West Virginia F10415 All Families 
9 Morris / Shively  26 Oct 1893West Virginia F15985 All Families 
10 Ocheltree / Lowe  18 Mar 1886West Virginia F13824 All Families 
11 Singleton / Allen  24 Apr 1905West Virginia F10635 All Families 
12 Tomey / Riggs  West Virginia F10213 All Families 
13 Westfall / Hosaflook  Aug 1923West Virginia F10195 All Families 
14 Wilfong / Beavers  Abt 1920West Virginia F13684 All Families 
15 Wilfong / Tenney  17 Oct 1896West Virginia F13701 All Families 
16 Wilfong / Westfall  10 May 1924West Virginia F10196 All Families 

Alt. Marriage

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   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bragg / Turner  18 May 1896West Virginia F10808 All Families 
2 Frame / Kniceley  1880West Virginia F10852 All Families 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 McMillion / Cutlip   F14287 All Families 


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   Family    Residence    Family ID   Tree 
1 Kryger / (Unknown)   F4552 All Families 
2 Shoemaker / Pence  1912West Virginia F483 All Families