The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Wayne County, Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cranor, Sarah Ann  22 Jan 1838Wayne County, Indiana I34347 All Families 
2 Hardin, Benjamin Lawrence  29 Apr 1818Wayne County, Indiana I3605 All Families 
3 Hardin, Joseph  22 Apr 1816Wayne County, Indiana I3603 All Families 
4 Hardin, Rebecca Ann  1 May 1836Wayne County, Indiana I794 All Families 
5 Hardin, Robert  2 Jul 1825Wayne County, Indiana I1518 All Families 
6 Hardin, Sarah Jane  27 Jul 1820Wayne County, Indiana I3606 All Families 
7 Hardin, Thomas Brown Lee  10 Dec 1829Wayne County, Indiana I793 All Families 
8 Hunt, Stephen G.  27 Aug 1824Wayne County, Indiana I19759 All Families 
9 Kepler, Una Francis  24 Dec 1885Wayne County, Indiana I58337 All Families 
10 Morris, Mary  Between 1814 and 1815Wayne County, Indiana I49271 All Families 
11 Plummer, Clement  14 Nov 1814Wayne County, Indiana I39687 All Families 
12 Sinks, Anna  Bef 1812Wayne County, Indiana I39724 All Families 
13 Sinks, Harvey  Aft 1814Wayne County, Indiana I39727 All Families 
14 Sinks, Jacob Jr.  23 Jun 1814Wayne County, Indiana I39725 All Families 
15 Williams, Wesley Sr.  12 May 1811Wayne County, Indiana I3602 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Callaway, Mary Ellen  25 Oct 1864Wayne County, Indiana I3617 All Families 
2 Lower, John Yost "Joseph"  17 May 1859Wayne County, Indiana I14645 All Families 
3 Price, Sarah  19 Jul 1871Wayne County, Indiana I39690 All Families 
4 Walker, George  Between 1830 and 1840Wayne County, Indiana I736 All Families 
5 Ware, Isaac Newton  5 Jun 1878Wayne County, Indiana I40173 All Families 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hardin, Benjamin Lawrence  29 Apr 1819Wayne County, Indiana I3605 All Families 
2 Hardin, John  23 Aug 1812Wayne County, Indiana I3600 All Families 
3 Hardin, Mary Anne  7 May 1823Wayne County, Indiana I2522 All Families 
4 Hardin, Thomas Brown Lee  3 Jan 1829Wayne County, Indiana I793 All Families 
5 Shippen, David  21 Mar 1844Wayne County, Indiana I12492 All Families 
6 Sinks, Susannah "Susan"  Wayne County, Indiana I1207 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brewer, Jehiel  1840Wayne County, Indiana I300 All Families 
2 Hardin, Benjamin Lawrence  1820Wayne County, Indiana I3605 All Families 
3 Hardin, Catherine  1820Wayne County, Indiana I3601 All Families 
4 Hardin, John  1820Wayne County, Indiana I3600 All Families 
5 Hardin, Joseph  1820Wayne County, Indiana I3603 All Families 
6 Hardin, Samuel  1820Wayne County, Indiana I2526 All Families 
7 Hardin, Sarah Jane  1820Wayne County, Indiana I3606 All Families 
8 Hardin, Thomas II  1820Wayne County, Indiana I2524 All Families 
9 Hardin, Thomas  1820Wayne County, Indiana I1052 All Families 
10 Hardin, William J.  1820Wayne County, Indiana I779 All Families 
11 Lower, (Daughter - 39692)  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39692 All Families 
12 Lower, (Daughter - 39693)  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39693 All Families 
13 Lower, (Daughter - 39694)  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39694 All Families 
14 Lower, (Daughter - 39698)  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39698 All Families 
15 Lower, (Daughter - 39699)  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39699 All Families 
16 Lower, (Son - 39691)  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39691 All Families 
17 Lower, (Son - 39695)  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39695 All Families 
18 Lower, (Son - 39696)  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39696 All Families 
19 Lower, (Son - 39698)  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39697 All Families 
20 Lower, Jacob  1820Wayne County, Indiana I14639 All Families 
21 Lower, John Yost "Joseph"  1820Wayne County, Indiana I14645 All Families 
22 Means, Mary  1820Wayne County, Indiana I1182 All Families 
23 Patterson, Jean  1820Wayne County, Indiana I787 All Families 
24 Pearsey, Catharine B.  1840Wayne County, Indiana I225 All Families 
25 Plummer, Andrew  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39686 All Families 
26 Plummer, Clement  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39687 All Families 
27 Plummer, Henry  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39682 All Families 
28 Plummer, Ira  1820Wayne County, Indiana I1180 All Families 
29 Plummer, Louisa A.  1840Wayne County, Indiana I3757 All Families 
30 Plummer, Perlina  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39683 All Families 
31 Plummer, Philemon III  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39684 All Families 
32 Plummer, Philemon Jr.  1820Wayne County, Indiana I1181 All Families 
33 Plummer, Zimri B.  1840Wayne County, Indiana I1183 All Families 
34 Price, Nancy  1820Wayne County, Indiana I15711 All Families 
35 Price, Sarah  1820Wayne County, Indiana I39690 All Families 
36 Walker, (Daughter - 1524)  1820Wayne County, Indiana I1524 All Families 
37 Walker, (Daughter - 1525)  1820Wayne County, Indiana I1525 All Families 
38 Walker, (Son - 1522)  1820Wayne County, Indiana I1522 All Families 
39 Walker, Charles C.  1820Wayne County, Indiana I740 All Families 
40 Walker, Eleanor  1820Wayne County, Indiana I739 All Families 
41 Walker, Francis Samuel "Sam"  1820Wayne County, Indiana I224 All Families 
42 Walker, Francis Samuel "Sam"  1840Wayne County, Indiana I224 All Families 
43 Walker, George  1820Wayne County, Indiana I736 All Families 
44 Walker, George W.  1820Wayne County, Indiana I738 All Families 
45 Walker, James  1820Wayne County, Indiana I1523 All Families 
46 Walker, James  1820Wayne County, Indiana I786 All Families 
47 Walker, James  1820Wayne County, Indiana I742 All Families 
48 Walker, Jane  1820Wayne County, Indiana I744 All Families 
49 Walker, John B.  1820Wayne County, Indiana I1206 All Families 
50 Walker, Leander  1840Wayne County, Indiana I227 All Families 

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City Directory

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    City Directory    Person ID   Tree 
1 McNamee, Isaac S.  1865Wayne County, Indiana I39735 All Families 
2 Vinson, Mary Jane "Jennie"  1865Wayne County, Indiana I39740 All Families 
3 Walker, Catharine E.  1865Wayne County, Indiana I39738 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Walker, George  Abt 1817/1830Wayne County, Indiana I736 All Families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allen / Walker  28 Dec 1820Wayne County, Indiana F398 All Families 
2 Booth / Vinson  20 Apr 1881Wayne County, Indiana F14763 All Families 
3 Brewer / Morris  14 Oct 1830Wayne County, Indiana F216 All Families 
4 Gregg / Miller  29 Oct 1859Wayne County, Indiana F12406 All Families 
5 Hardin / Brewer  7 Aug 1828Wayne County, Indiana F1101 All Families 
6 Hardin / Ewing  31 Jul 1838Wayne County, Indiana F1558 All Families 
7 Hardin / Walker  21 Feb 1828Wayne County, Indiana F404 All Families 
8 Holtsclaw / Marlatt  2 Apr 1832Wayne County, Indiana F14774 All Families 
9 Langston / Walker  2 Feb 1911Wayne County, Indiana F14794 All Families 
10 Marlatt / Crawford  1 Jan 1861Wayne County, Indiana F14772 All Families 
11 Marlatt / Crull  6 Aug 1893Wayne County, Indiana F14778 All Families 
12 Marlatt / Jones  27 Jul 1870Wayne County, Indiana F14773 All Families 
13 Marlatt / Saur  1 Oct 1855Wayne County, Indiana F14770 All Families 
14 Marlatt / Swisher  10 Apr 1856Wayne County, Indiana F14771 All Families 
15 McNamee / Fountain  22 Nov 1884Wayne County, Indiana F14822 All Families 
16 McNamee / Walker  28 Sep 1871Wayne County, Indiana F14760 All Families 
17 Moore / Sinks  2 Dec 1841Wayne County, Indiana F14758 All Families 
18 Morrow / Spencer  15 Jan 1905Wayne County, Indiana F12088 All Families 
19 Plummer / Pearsey  8 Apr 1823Wayne County, Indiana F605 All Families 
20 Plummer / Vorhes  26 Feb 1866Wayne County, Indiana F608 All Families 
21 Sinks / Beard  22 Dec 1836Wayne County, Indiana F14756 All Families 
22 Spencer / Allen  6 Oct 1881Wayne County, Indiana F8666 All Families 
23 Vinson / Walker  17 Oct 1844Wayne County, Indiana F14762 All Families 
24 Walker / Macy  2 Jun 1880Wayne County, Indiana F14759 All Families 
25 Walker / Pearsey  15 Sep 1831Wayne County, Indiana F151 All Families 
26 Walker / Sinks  17 Jan 1833Wayne County, Indiana F626 All Families 
27 Williams / Hardin  10 Apr 1834Wayne County, Indiana F1557 All Families 
28 Wilson / Clawson  30 Aug 1840Wayne County, Indiana F9792 All Families 
29 Young / Pearsey  21 Dec 1826Wayne County, Indiana F214 All Families 

Alt. Marriage

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   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Plummer / Pearsey  9 Apr 1823Wayne County, Indiana F605 All Families 
2 Walker / Sinks  7 Jan 1833Wayne County, Indiana F626 All Families