The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Colley, Catherine Lucy "Kate"  31 May 1898Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I10413 All Families 
2 Fox, Alexander Pope Jr.  1860Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6323 All Families 
3 Fox, Edward Lansing  1864Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6332 All Families 
4 Hopkins, Virginia Myers  1827Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I3003 All Families 
5 Hopper, Morning  28 Jun 1810Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I1703 All Families 
6 Jones, Henry Lee  15 Apr 1893Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14058 All Families 
7 Jones, Lillian  1853Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I3160 All Families 
8 Kirby, Doris E.  15 Feb 1920Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I8091 All Families 
9 Leftwich, Alexander Shelton  9 Jul 1852Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6384 All Families 
10 Leftwich, Armistead Leslie  4 May 1857Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6395 All Families 
11 Leftwich, Edwin Clay  26 Sep 1852Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6398 All Families 
12 Leftwich, Elmira Conway  29 Jul 1857Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6385 All Families 
13 Leftwich, Ernest Hopkins  30 May 1846Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6396 All Families 
14 Leftwich, Fannie Lafon  11 Dec 1853Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6388 All Families 
15 Leftwich, George Myers  26 Oct 1844Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6392 All Families 
16 Leftwich, Henry Scott "Harry"  1870Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6383 All Families 
17 Leftwich, Jennie Lee  26 Dec 1865Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6389 All Families 
18 Leftwich, John Bransford "Bransford"  Abt 1860Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6382 All Families 
19 Leftwich, Lou Newton  30 Sep 1859Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6387 All Families 
20 Leftwich, Nannie Davis  18 Feb 1855Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6393 All Families 
21 Leftwich, Robert Hyde  20 Nov 1859Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6399 All Families 
22 Leftwich, Southall E.  11 Aug 1862Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6386 All Families 
23 Lewis, Howell Jr.  10 Jul 1808Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I25655 All Families 
24 Tutwiler, (Infant Son - 14054)  15 May 1890Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14054 All Families 
25 Tutwiler, George Milton  Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I4206 All Families 
26 Tutwiler, Josephine Bryant  3 Feb 1897Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14057 All Families 
27 Tutwiler, Julia Clay  26 Mar 1889Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14052 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cutlip, Fred Kahl  8 Jan 1977Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I38554 All Families 
2 Feathers, Allen Edwin  20 Feb 2008Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I59202 All Families 
3 Fox, Mary Coleman  7 Jul 1821Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I2998 All Families 
4 Gregory, Sherwood V.  Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14053 All Families 
5 Griesel, Arthur F.  3 May 1943Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I12195 All Families 
6 Hopkins, Virginia Myers  1 Oct 1898Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I3003 All Families 
7 Hultgren, Beverly Diane  22 Jul 2011Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I9750 All Families 
8 Johnson, Charles Fletcher  6 Nov 1984Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14281 All Families 
9 Johnson, Erea Arnold  19 Aug 1991Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14270 All Families 
10 Johnson, Nancy Hawze  Jul 1983Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14282 All Families 
11 Jones, Henry Lee  21 Aug 1948Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14058 All Families 
12 Leftwich, Edwin M.  29 Dec 1903Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I3002 All Families 
13 Stoner, Samuel Menefee  Nov 1969Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I4158 All Families 
14 Tutwiler, (Infant Son - 14054)  15 May 1890Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14054 All Families 
15 Tutwiler, Carrie Wright  27 Jan 1955Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14043 All Families 
16 Tutwiler, George Anderson "Anderson"  Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I4200 All Families 
17 Tutwiler, John Thomas  18 Aug 1949Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14047 All Families 
18 Tutwiler, Josephine Bryant  14 Oct 1944Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14057 All Families 
19 Tutwiler, Julia Clay  8 Mar 1984Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14052 All Families 
20 Tutwiler, Mariah  7 Jul 1912Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14027 All Families 
21 Tutwiler, Mary Etta  4 Sep 1949Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14045 All Families 
22 Tutwiler, Thomas Peyton  1906Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14038 All Families 
23 Tutwiler, Willie Beatrice  3 Feb 1972Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14050 All Families 
24 Wright, Josephine Ficklin  20 Nov 1942Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14039 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Unknown), Juliet  1930Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I27018 All Families 
2 Brooke, Elizabeth Tate  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I2557 All Families 
3 Brooke, Robert T.  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I30552 All Families 
4 Fox, Alexander Pope Jr.  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6323 All Families 
5 Fox, Alexander Pope Sr.  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6321 All Families 
6 Fox, Charles  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I19691 All Families 
7 Fox, Edward Lansing  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6332 All Families 
8 Fox, Jason McC.  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I30544 All Families 
9 Fox, Julia  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I19688 All Families 
10 Fox, Julia L.  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I30543 All Families 
11 Fox, Katy  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I30545 All Families 
12 Fox, Maggie  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I19690 All Families 
13 Fox, Maria F.  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I30166 All Families 
14 Fox, Mary  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I19689 All Families 
15 Fox, Richard  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I2544 All Families 
16 Fox, Walter  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I19687 All Families 
17 Gholson, Anne Jane  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I18534 All Families 
18 Glasgow, Francis Thomas Sr.  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I18533 All Families 
19 Glasgow, Rebe Gordon  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I14112 All Families 
20 Hopkins, Virginia Myers  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I3003 All Families 
21 Johnson, Elizabeth F.  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I2545 All Families 
22 Johnson, Julia L.  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I30550 All Families 
23 Leftwich, Armistead Leslie  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6395 All Families 
24 Leftwich, Edwin Clay  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6398 All Families 
25 Leftwich, Edwin M.  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I3002 All Families 
26 Leftwich, Ernest Hopkins  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6396 All Families 
27 Leftwich, Henry Scott "Harry"  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6383 All Families 
28 Leftwich, Jennie Lee  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6389 All Families 
29 Leftwich, John Bransford "Bransford"  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6382 All Families 
30 Leftwich, John Henry  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I3004 All Families 
31 Leftwich, Lou Newton  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6387 All Families 
32 Leftwich, Lucie Hansford  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6397 All Families 
33 Leftwich, Robert Hyde  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6399 All Families 
34 Leftwich, Robert Lee  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6400 All Families 
35 McElroy, Jen   I34709 All Families 
36 McElroy, Dr. Jesse Leroy  1930Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I27013 All Families 
37 Morris, Richard Fox  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I30548 All Families 
38 Royster, Sarah Elmira  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I6381 All Families 
39 Shelton, Elizabeth Ann  1880Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I3005 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID   Tree 
1 Erickson, Laura B.   I52483 All Families 

High School

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    High School    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kirby, Doris E.  1937Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I8091 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cook, Christina Irene   I9755 All Families 
2 Cook, Jeanette Diane   I9754 All Families 
3 Cook, Shari Lynn   I9753 All Families 
4 Leigh, Benjamin Watkins  Richmond, Richmond (City), Virginia I3222 All Families 
5 Thornburg, Robert E.   I33036 All Families