The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Orange County, California



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Unknown), Meda Marie  19 Jul 1971Orange County, California I16642 All Families 
2 Allen, Edward Peley  29 Jun 1940Orange County, California I47522 All Families 
3 Allen, Helen D.  27 Nov 1994Orange County, California I43516 All Families 
4 Arbenz, George  18 Feb 1974Orange County, California I23081 All Families 
5 Arnold, Fannie R.  6 Mar 1997Orange County, California I10138 All Families 
6 Baird, Margaret Ann  9 Dec 1933Orange County, California I21338 All Families 
7 Baldwin, Hattie  31 Aug 1976Orange County, California I24802 All Families 
8 Barkley, Walter Everett  26 Sep 1983Orange County, California I40934 All Families 
9 Bonar, Winona  9 Dec 1999Orange County, California I17153 All Families 
10 Briggs, Wilson S.  24 Jul 1981Orange County, California I50727 All Families 
11 Brumm, Edna Louise M.  11 Oct 1982Orange County, California I21163 All Families 
12 DeRusha, Donald W. M.D.  26 Feb 1966Orange County, California I50146 All Families 
13 DeRusha, William G.  25 May 1976Orange County, California I50144 All Families 
14 Edwards, Beverly Ruth  28 Jul 1986Orange County, California I58575 All Families 
15 Edwards, Ray Vernon  26 Feb 1978Orange County, California I58577 All Families 
16 Ehrke, Louise Augusta  29 Jul 1993Orange County, California I30035 All Families 
17 Fox, Isadore  20 Jul 1968Orange County, California I23074 All Families 
18 Garner, Donald Victor  5 Oct 1992Orange County, California I42276 All Families 
19 Gaunt, Edward Arnold "Arnold"  22 Jun 1969Orange County, California I56954 All Families 
20 Hill, Hilma Maria  9 Aug 1991Orange County, California I20178 All Families 
21 Hillman, Charles Morris  2 Jan 1975Orange County, California I58585 All Families 
22 Hollingsworth, Doron Ezekiel  3 Nov 1987Orange County, California I35219 All Families 
23 Hopkins, Nelle  15 Sep 1966Orange County, California I496 All Families 
24 Jewell, Elsie Edna  27 Mar 1988Orange County, California I17504 All Families 
25 Johnston, R. Elda  7 Mar 1996Orange County, California I25523 All Families 
26 Jones, Vergil James Sr.  20 Nov 1982Orange County, California I58876 All Families 
27 Joyner, Homer D.  13 Feb 1965Orange County, California I4164 All Families 
28 Kendall, Mattie Faye  6 May 1996Orange County, California I35218 All Families 
29 Klausen, Einar Hart  15 Apr 1993Orange County, California I54477 All Families 
30 Lee, Bert Roscoe  22 Apr 1966Orange County, California I13454 All Families 
31 Lininger, Jeanette Ellen "Nettie"  29 Jun 1992Orange County, California I42768 All Families 
32 Lyman, Glenn Whitle "Junior" Jr.  19 Nov 1994Orange County, California I41843 All Families 
33 Mattson, Richard Carl Sr.  7 Nov 1991Orange County, California I49394 All Families 
34 McAndrews, Florence Josephine  20 Apr 1969Orange County, California I47523 All Families 
35 McKeighan, Millard Edwin  24 Oct 1979Orange County, California I17503 All Families 
36 Morgan, Chester Wayne "Chet"  23 Jul 1978Orange County, California I16576 All Families 
37 Neufner, Jack Charles  29 Mar 1963Orange County, California I20586 All Families 
38 Nicholson, Paul Vinton  4 Apr 1973Orange County, California I53574 All Families 
39 Nienhaus, Charlotte H. "Lottie"  17 Jun 1958Orange County, California I21765 All Families 
40 Owen, George Edward  23 Jun 1967Orange County, California I45177 All Families 
41 Panther, Maurice Robert  1 Apr 1996Orange County, California I26136 All Families 
42 Parriott, Simeon Lawson  5 May 1947Orange County, California I12872 All Families 
43 Partridge, Lola Marie "Marie"  29 Jul 1952Orange County, California I35187 All Families 
44 Peterson, Daniel  11 Aug 1972Orange County, California I57632 All Families 
45 Powell, Darwin L.  7 Mar 1990Orange County, California I32478 All Families 
46 Redfearn, Hazel M.  5 Jun 1976Orange County, California I17138 All Families 
47 Redfearn, Jennie M.  10 Jan 1980Orange County, California I17135 All Families 
48 Rexroat, Delia R.  5 Jun 1955Orange County, California I8782 All Families 
49 Robertson, Raymond Edward  24 May 1985Orange County, California I50740 All Families 
50 Sheets, Alice Bernice  29 Apr 1957Orange County, California I58566 All Families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Harkins, Michael Frederick  Orange County, California I37751 All Families 

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hopkins, Nelle  7 Sep 1966Orange County, California I496 All Families 

California Voter Registrations

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    California Voter Registrations    Person ID   Tree 
1 McNamee, Ora Kirbey  1914/1920Orange County, California I39865 All Families 

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918    Person ID   Tree 
1 McNamee, Ora Kirbey  12 Sep 1918Orange County, California I39865 All Families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Abrahamson / Rose   F18167 All Families 
2 Aque / Starns  27 Oct 1962Orange County, California F16037 All Families 
3 Atkins / Morrison   F19513 All Families 
4 Barrera / Elam   F19518 All Families 
5 Bishop / Elam   F19520 All Families 
6 Breen / Langdon   F1891 All Families 
7 Hinton / Atkins   F19510 All Families 
8 Holloway / Schadt   F22410 All Families 
9 Howey / McCoskrie  11 Mar 1972Orange County, California F105 All Families 
10 Hull / Hillman   F23961 All Families 
11 LaHaie / Elam   F19519 All Families 
12 Ramos / Alderson   F7706 All Families 
13 Walker / Bishop  11 Aug 1973Orange County, California F23370 All Families 
14 Wurtz / Elam   F19516 All Families 

California Divorce Records

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   Family    California Divorce Records    Family ID   Tree 
1 Abrahamson / Rose   F18167 All Families 
2 Atkins / Morrison   F19513 All Families 
3 Bojanower / Hartwig   F19830 All Families 
4 Breen / Virnig   F1888 All Families 
5 Howey / McCoskrie  Orange County, California F105 All Families 
6 Howey / Schadt   F22409 All Families 
7 Neufner / Wentz  Orange County, California F16391 All Families 
8 Ramos / Alderson   F7706 All Families