The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Henry County, Iowa Territory



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allsup, Ralph  25 Jul 1845Henry County, Iowa Territory I20927 All Families 
2 Anderson, Mary  Apr 1844Henry County, Iowa Territory I302 All Families 
3 Anderson, Samuel  1841Henry County, Iowa Territory I23089 All Families 
4 Hardin, John Wesley  28 May 1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I795 All Families 
5 Hardin, Sarah Catharine  1 Dec 1842Henry County, Iowa Territory I796 All Families 
6 Lee, Charity Ann  26 Jul 1839Henry County, Iowa Territory I5425 All Families 
7 Lee, Eliza Ann  29 Sep 1839Henry County, Iowa Territory I5447 All Families 
8 Lee, Louisa K.  26 Sep 1841Henry County, Iowa Territory I5427 All Families 
9 Lee, Mary "Polly Ann"  2 Oct 1837Henry County, Iowa Territory I5423 All Families 
10 Nugen, Richard  19 Mar 1841Henry County, Iowa Territory I21015 All Families 
11 Sampson, John L.  4 May 1837Henry County, Iowa Territory I3639 All Families 
12 Spearman, Mary R.  4 May 1842Henry County, Iowa Territory I2496 All Families 
13 Willeford, Adeline Elizabeth  8 May 1844Henry County, Iowa Territory I7043 All Families 
14 Willeford, Caroline  13 Mar 1843Henry County, Iowa Territory I7055 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Evelyn, Mary  8 Jul 1843Henry County, Iowa Territory I5429 All Families 
2 Tryer, Louisa King  29 Nov 1844Henry County, Iowa Territory I749 All Families 
3 Tryer, William David  19 Nov 1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I748 All Families 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lee, Charity Ann  26 Jul 1838Henry County, Iowa Territory I5425 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Unknown), Mary Ann  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I3819 All Families 
2 Anderson, Eliza  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I39346 All Families 
3 Anderson, William  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I3818 All Families 
4 Evelyn, Mary  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5429 All Families 
5 Fox, Elizabeth McFarland  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I3345 All Families 
6 Fox, John McFarland  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I697 All Families 
7 Fox, Nathaniel  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I688 All Families 
8 Fox, Sarah Ann  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I700 All Families 
9 Fox, William H.  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I698 All Families 
10 Hale, Jane  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I40944 All Families 
11 Hale, John  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I40899 All Families 
12 Hale, Sara "Sally"  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5469 All Families 
13 Hale, William  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I40897 All Families 
14 Hardin, (Daughter - 05628)  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5628 All Families 
15 Hardin, (Son - 05627)  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5627 All Families 
16 Hardin, John Wesley  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I795 All Families 
17 Hardin, Rebecca Ann  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I794 All Families 
18 Hardin, Thomas Brown Lee  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I793 All Families 
19 Hardin, William J.  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I779 All Families 
20 Leas, George Washington Sr.  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I1142 All Families 
21 Leas, James W.  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I1134 All Families 
22 Leas, Mary Jane "Versey"  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I1129 All Families 
23 Leas, Oliver A.  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I36382 All Families 
24 Leas, Thomas Chapman  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I1128 All Families 
25 Leas, Thomas E.  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I1136 All Families 
26 Lee, Almira  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5414 All Families 
27 Lee, Annie  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5434 All Families 
28 Lee, Charity Ann  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5425 All Families 
29 Lee, Eliza Ann  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5447 All Families 
30 Lee, Eliza Jane  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5445 All Families 
31 Lee, Elizabeth  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5446 All Families 
32 Lee, Frederick Jr.  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5435 All Families 
33 Lee, Frederick  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5430 All Families 
34 Lee, Green  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5432 All Families 
35 Lee, Hezekiah  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5440 All Families 
36 Lee, Ivan P.  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5436 All Families 
37 Lee, Jane  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5455 All Families 
38 Lee, Jane  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5410 All Families 
39 Lee, Jeremiah  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5468 All Families 
40 Lee, Jeremiah  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5444 All Families 
41 Lee, Jeremiah  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5433 All Families 
42 Lee, John  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I1139 All Families 
43 Lee, John J.  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5480 All Families 
44 Lee, John Martin  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5417 All Families 
45 Lee, Julia Ann  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5418 All Families 
46 Lee, Maria  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5442 All Families 
47 Lee, Mary "Polly Ann"  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5423 All Families 
48 Lee, Samuel B.  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I1130 All Families 
49 Lee, Samuel M.  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5443 All Families 
50 Lee, Sarah  1840Henry County, Iowa Territory I5412 All Families 

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