The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Hancock County, Ohio



Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bishop, Nancy Ann  18 Feb 1844Hancock County, Ohio I58695 All Families 
2 Cooper, Sarah Samantha  6 Mar 1857Hancock County, Ohio I58718 All Families 
3 Croft, Ada Dell  4 Oct 1877Hancock County, Ohio I14729 All Families 
4 Croft, Eliza Jennette  Abt 1848Hancock County, Ohio I14678 All Families 
5 Croft, Emma Ruth  Abt 1854Hancock County, Ohio I14730 All Families 
6 Croft, Harrison H. "Harry"  15 Jan 1871Hancock County, Ohio I14741 All Families 
7 Croft, Sarah S.  Abt 1865Hancock County, Ohio I14740 All Families 
8 Doty, Margaret Ida  20 Dec 1860Hancock County, Ohio I39082 All Families 
9 Farmer, Charles Clarence  23 Oct 1873Hancock County, Ohio I58801 All Families 
10 Farmer, Isabell  31 Jan 1921Hancock County, Ohio I58800 All Families 
11 Farmer, William Everitt  9 Oct 1894Hancock County, Ohio I58793 All Families 
12 Foltz, Lulu M.  Abt 1879Hancock County, Ohio I14735 All Families 
13 Hartman, Carrie L.  15 Jun 1903Hancock County, Ohio I39072 All Families 
14 Hartman, Charlie  28 Jan 1917Hancock County, Ohio I58775 All Families 
15 Hartman, Ellen Louise  16 Mar 1929Hancock County, Ohio I58780 All Families 
16 Hartman, Joshua H.  14 Nov 1846Hancock County, Ohio I39008 All Families 
17 Hartman, Samuel Henry "Henry"  19 Oct 1873Hancock County, Ohio I39069 All Families 
18 Helms, Bessie May  Abt 1892Hancock County, Ohio I58790 All Families 
19 Henderson, Bittomart Martha "Bretta"  8 Aug 1867Hancock County, Ohio I39045 All Families 
20 Henry, James Calvin  7 Dec 1852Hancock County, Ohio I58781 All Families 
21 Huffman, David  9 Jun 1844Hancock County, Ohio I58971 All Families 
22 Huffman, Gladys Mae  19 Jul 1905Hancock County, Ohio I58674 All Families 
23 Lee, Noah  15 Aug 1845Hancock County, Ohio I58944 All Families 
24 Lee, Rose "Rozilla"  25 Feb 1871Hancock County, Ohio I14742 All Families 
25 Longworth, Erry Dee  22 Oct 1931Hancock County, Ohio I58692 All Families 
26 Miller, Laura Ann  8 Feb 1850Hancock County, Ohio I58676 All Families 
27 Molder, Ray William  20 Apr 1916Hancock County, Ohio I58932 All Families 
28 Powell, Joe O.  7 Aug 1928Hancock County, Ohio I58730 All Families 
29 Powell, Lonnie Eugene  18 Oct 1931Hancock County, Ohio I58732 All Families 
30 Rinehart, Frank  Abt 1875Hancock County, Ohio I14681 All Families 
31 Rinehart, Harry  Abt 1873Hancock County, Ohio I14680 All Families 
32 Rote, Austin A.  18 Jul 1882Hancock County, Ohio I58668 All Families 
33 Rupright, Elizabeth Lovina "Vina"  15 Jan 1859Hancock County, Ohio I58782 All Families 
34 Scothorn, Florence R.  14 Oct 1861Hancock County, Ohio I58661 All Families 
35 Scothorn, John Park  7 Dec 1902Hancock County, Ohio I58673 All Families 
36 Scothorn, Lour H. "Stubby"  16 Nov 1896Hancock County, Ohio I58783 All Families 
37 Scothorn, Walter Warren  5 Jan 1865Hancock County, Ohio I58663 All Families 
38 Scothorn, William Abraham  18 Jan 1900Hancock County, Ohio I58672 All Families 
39 Smith, Minnie A.  1 Mar 1873Hancock County, Ohio I58795 All Families 
40 Walters, Ankinsin  Abt 1850Hancock County, Ohio I14758 All Families 
41 Walters, Harriet  Abt 1847Hancock County, Ohio I14757 All Families 
42 Walters, John A. III  Abt 1860Hancock County, Ohio I14760 All Families 
43 Walters, Levi M.  16 Oct 1855Hancock County, Ohio I14759 All Families 
44 Whetstone, Frederick Arthur "Fred"  31 Aug 1882Hancock County, Ohio I39093 All Families 
45 Woodruff, Ulva  7 Jan 1887Hancock County, Ohio I39090 All Families 
46 Yates, Helen Ruth  7 Aug 1918Hancock County, Ohio I39065 All Families 
47 Yates, Jasper Newton  22 Jun 1854Hancock County, Ohio I58717 All Families 


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beagle, Mary Ray  7 Dec 1915Hancock County, Ohio I58804 All Families 
2 Bishop, Henry  18 Jun 1855Hancock County, Ohio I2867 All Families 
3 Bishop, Nancy Ann  8 Feb 1881Hancock County, Ohio I58695 All Families 
4 Croft, John  22 May 1879Hancock County, Ohio I14677 All Families 
5 Croft, Maria June  24 Jul 1876Hancock County, Ohio I14732 All Families 
6 Farmer, Isabell  14 Aug 1984Hancock County, Ohio I58800 All Families 
7 Farmer, Rhoda J.  7 May 1921Hancock County, Ohio I58785 All Families 
8 Farmer, William Everitt  May 1983Hancock County, Ohio I58793 All Families 
9 Hartman, Carrie L.  6 Nov 1999Hancock County, Ohio I39072 All Families 
10 Hartman, Charlie  28 Jan 1917Hancock County, Ohio I58775 All Families 
11 Hartman, Joshua H.  21 Dec 1930Hancock County, Ohio I39008 All Families 
12 Hartman, Mary Jane  31 Jul 1904Hancock County, Ohio I18941 All Families 
13 Helsel, Chloe Mae  7 Jul 1928Hancock County, Ohio I58972 All Families 
14 Huffman, David  19 Jul 1922Hancock County, Ohio I58971 All Families 
15 Lee, Nellie Evelyn  Oct 1977Hancock County, Ohio I58794 All Families 
16 Neff, Elizabeth S.  23 Mar 1909Hancock County, Ohio I14693 All Families 
17 Oman, Mary Ann  23 Dec 1918Hancock County, Ohio I58681 All Families 
18 Powell, Alonzo S.  21 Oct 1974Hancock County, Ohio I39073 All Families 
19 Sampson, Mary E.  20 Aug 1881Hancock County, Ohio I58945 All Families 
20 Scothorn, Abraham W.  9 Feb 1908Hancock County, Ohio I58658 All Families 
21 Scothorn, Walter Warren  1 May 1945Hancock County, Ohio I58663 All Families 
22 Sharp, Eleanor  30 Mar 1887Hancock County, Ohio I39005 All Families 
23 Sharp, Ruth  27 Jan 1893Hancock County, Ohio I14675 All Families 
24 Smith, Eva  24 Oct 1896Hancock County, Ohio I2868 All Families 
25 Swisher, Samuel  22 May 1882Hancock County, Ohio I18940 All Families 
26 Walters, Elizabeth A. "Eliza"  30 Mar 1916Hancock County, Ohio I14751 All Families 
27 Walters, John C.  15 Jul 1890Hancock County, Ohio I14755 All Families 
28 Walters, Lower  7 Nov 1887Hancock County, Ohio I14674 All Families 
29 Walters, Maria  10 Aug 1869Hancock County, Ohio I14766 All Families 
30 Walters, Mary "Polly"  27 Jan 1893Hancock County, Ohio I14676 All Families 
31 Woodruff, Adam  1836Hancock County, Ohio I39002 All Families 
32 Woodruff, Floyd E.  29 Aug 1955Hancock County, Ohio I39023 All Families 
33 Woodruff, John R.  6 Jun 1992Hancock County, Ohio I58684 All Families 
34 Woodruff, William Young  23 Mar 1860Hancock County, Ohio I39004 All Families 
35 Woodruff, William Young  26 Apr 1928Hancock County, Ohio I39081 All Families 
36 Yates, Helen Ruth  19 Apr 1919Hancock County, Ohio I39065 All Families 

Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bishop, Henry  Hancock County, Ohio I2867 All Families 
2 Walters, Jacob  Abt 1835Hancock County, Ohio I14748 All Families 


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bishop / Woodruff  4 Apr 1872Hancock County, Ohio F14482 All Families 
2 Croft / Lee  20 May 1897Hancock County, Ohio F5246 All Families 
3 Croft / Marshall  23 Oct 1870Hancock County, Ohio F5224 All Families 
4 Croft / Swank  3 Jul 1897Hancock County, Ohio F5244 All Families 
5 Croft / Swisher  18 Oct 1887Hancock County, Ohio F5243 All Families 
6 Croft / Walters  10 Oct 1845Hancock County, Ohio F5222 All Families 
7 Doty / Walters  30 Jul 1843Hancock County, Ohio F5258 All Families 
8 Farmer / Helms  23 Jun 1910Hancock County, Ohio F24051 All Families 
9 Farmer / Lee  26 Sep 1914Hancock County, Ohio F24053 All Families 
10 Farmer / Shank  30 Nov 1873Hancock County, Ohio F6725 All Families 
11 Farmer / Swank  26 Feb 1893Hancock County, Ohio F24056 All Families 
12 Farmer / Walters  1 Dec 1842Hancock County, Ohio F5256 All Families 
13 Farmer / Williamson  22 Apr 1880Hancock County, Ohio F6724 All Families 
14 Foltz / Croft  5 Dec 1877Hancock County, Ohio F5242 All Families 
15 Hardman / Hetrick  2 Jul 1917Hancock County, Ohio F24132 All Families 
16 Hartman / Bishop  4 Mar 1897Hancock County, Ohio F14485 All Families 
17 Helpman / Croft  7 Jun 1890Hancock County, Ohio F5247 All Families 
18 Henry / Rupright  Oct 1873Hancock County, Ohio F24047 All Families 
19 Longbrake / Croft  18 Mar 1877Hancock County, Ohio F5241 All Families 
20 Molder / Cramer  20 Nov 1870Hancock County, Ohio F24117 All Families 
21 Molder / Croft  17 May 1913Hancock County, Ohio F24115 All Families 
22 Molder / Stewart  10 Jun 1937Hancock County, Ohio F24123 All Families 
23 Powell / Henderson  21 Jan 1886Hancock County, Ohio F14479 All Families 
24 Rinehart / Croft  8 Nov 1866Hancock County, Ohio F5223 All Families 
25 Walters / (Unknown)  Abt 1860Hancock County, Ohio F5249 All Families 
26 Walters / Todd  6 Jun 1869Hancock County, Ohio F5253 All Families 
27 Walters / Todd  1 Sep 1881Hancock County, Ohio F5255 All Families 
28 Walters / Woodruff  1 May 1842Hancock County, Ohio F5252 All Families 
29 Woodruff / Doty  15 Sep 1881Hancock County, Ohio F14492 All Families 
30 Woodruff / Farmer  24 Sep 1874Hancock County, Ohio F14459 All Families 
31 Yates / Bishop  29 Sep 1907Hancock County, Ohio F14483 All Families