The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Greene County, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barnard, Eveline Estella  11 Nov 1883Greene County, Illinois I54241 All Families 
2 Bradley, Alice C.  10 Oct 1856Greene County, Illinois I1992 All Families 
3 Bradley, Annie Eliza  3 Oct 1874Greene County, Illinois I21814 All Families 
4 Bradley, Margret E. "Margie-Maggie"  11 Apr 1867Greene County, Illinois I1995 All Families 
5 Carmody, Marie M.  25 Jun 1893Greene County, Illinois I54240 All Families 
6 Cummings, Bernita Melinda  8 Dec 1917Greene County, Illinois I54252 All Families 
7 Dyer, Addie  Jan 1882Greene County, Illinois I31619 All Families 
8 Dyer, Jennie  11 Jun 1904Greene County, Illinois I31642 All Families 
9 Ellison, Ellen  12 Mar 1853Greene County, Illinois I54384 All Families 
10 Ferguson, Eliza Jane  1845Greene County, Illinois I11260 All Families 
11 Ferguson, Hopkins  1843Greene County, Illinois I11259 All Families 
12 Ferguson, John H.  1839Greene County, Illinois I11257 All Families 
13 Ferguson, Stephen R.  1836Greene County, Illinois I11255 All Families 
14 Flowers, George Elmer "Elmer"  17 Jun 1890Greene County, Illinois I37676 All Families 
15 Flowers, John Andy  27 Jul 1923Greene County, Illinois I37677 All Families 
16 Hall, Jane Eliza  21 Feb 1824Greene County, Illinois I56600 All Families 
17 Lakin, Austin J.  1844Greene County, Illinois I6123 All Families 
18 Lakin, Bertha May  22 Mar 1892Greene County, Illinois I37775 All Families 
19 Lakin, Eliza F.  3 Feb 1861Greene County, Illinois I6127 All Families 
20 Lakin, Georgia O.  6 Oct 1855Greene County, Illinois I6126 All Families 
21 Lakin, Harriet N.  13 Aug 1853Greene County, Illinois I6129 All Families 
22 Lakin, John Jacob  10 Sep 1842Greene County, Illinois I6130 All Families 
23 Lakin, Marcella F.  14 Jan 1913Greene County, Illinois I53921 All Families 
24 Lakin, Mary Ann  28 Mar 1851Greene County, Illinois I6128 All Families 
25 Lakin, Melissa J.  Oct 1842Greene County, Illinois I6122 All Families 
26 Lakin, Sarah E.  1849Greene County, Illinois I6124 All Families 
27 Lakin, Thomas Glenn  27 May 1897Greene County, Illinois I37855 All Families 
28 Lakin, William T.  Between 1845 and 1846Greene County, Illinois I25415 All Families 
29 Meyer, Catherine E.  13 Jun 1903Greene County, Illinois I54154 All Families 
30 Moyers, Susannah Jane "Jane"  29 Nov 1831Greene County, Illinois I3854 All Families 
31 Siemer, Josephine  28 Mar 1889Greene County, Illinois I54136 All Families 
32 Sponsler, Ira  17 Dec 1909Greene County, Illinois I54249 All Families 
33 Walters, Clara Mae  28 Nov 1890Greene County, Illinois I54247 All Families 
34 Whitside, Ella Virginia "Jennie"  31 Oct 1861Greene County, Illinois I31633 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Laura Virginia  24 Sep 1954Greene County, Illinois I58330 All Families 
2 Arnold, William Edward  31 Oct 1939Greene County, Illinois I58329 All Families 
3 Black, Charles C.  10 Sep 1937Greene County, Illinois I1997 All Families 
4 Buster, Matilda  20 Mar 1900Greene County, Illinois I24107 All Families 
5 Dyer, William L.  12 Apr 1899Greene County, Illinois I31605 All Families 
6 Dyer, William Leslie  1961Greene County, Illinois I31638 All Families 
7 Lakin, John Musgrove  30 Jul 1836Greene County, Illinois I6099 All Families 
8 Lakin, Jordan Albert  29 Jul 1869Greene County, Illinois I3850 All Families 
9 Lakin, Sarah  2 May 1879Greene County, Illinois I25422 All Families 
10 Maberry, Mary  1845Greene County, Illinois I1990 All Families 
11 Myers, Elizabeth Ann "Eliza"  30 May 1861Greene County, Illinois I3849 All Families 
12 Neece, Laura A.  1 Jun 1940Greene County, Illinois I54089 All Families 
13 Sharp, Sarah  1957Greene County, Illinois I31620 All Families 
14 Smith, Augustus B.  1 Aug 1940Greene County, Illinois I54090 All Families 
15 Winn, Elizabeth  11 Mar 1854Greene County, Illinois I24291 All Families 
16 Wood, Paul W.  5 Sep 1916Greene County, Illinois I1996 All Families 
17 York, Mary Ann  29 Dec 1898Greene County, Illinois I31604 All Families 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lakin, Addie "Emeline"  Abt 1867Greene County, Illinois I2098 All Families 
2 Lakin, Mildred Cecil  2 Jan 1901Greene County, Illinois I37878 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Biography    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bradley, Absalom  1879Greene County, Illinois I1951 All Families 
2 Gimmy, Adam Sr.  1879Greene County, Illinois I25429 All Families 


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Achenbach, Anna Maria  1860Greene County, Illinois I25432 All Families 
2 Dodson, Mary  1850Greene County, Illinois I18382 All Families 
3 Dodson, Mary  1860Greene County, Illinois I18382 All Families 
4 Ellison, Annie  1860Greene County, Illinois I54385 All Families 
5 Ellison, Ellen  1860Greene County, Illinois I54384 All Families 
6 Ellison, John W.  1860Greene County, Illinois I54386 All Families 
7 Ellison, Mary Ann  1850Greene County, Illinois I54382 All Families 
8 Ellison, Sarah  1850Greene County, Illinois I6134 All Families 
9 Ellison, Sarah  1860Greene County, Illinois I6134 All Families 
10 Ellison, Timothy  1850Greene County, Illinois I18381 All Families 
11 Ellison, Timothy  1860Greene County, Illinois I18381 All Families 
12 Ellison, William  1850Greene County, Illinois I54383 All Families 
13 Ellison, William  1860Greene County, Illinois I54383 All Families 
14 Gimmy, Adam Jr.  1860Greene County, Illinois I25433 All Families 
15 Gimmy, Adam Sr.  1860Greene County, Illinois I25429 All Families 
16 Gimmy, George  1880Greene County, Illinois I25431 All Families 
17 Gimmy, Lewis F.  1860Greene County, Illinois I6133 All Families 
18 Gimmy, Lewis F.  1880Greene County, Illinois I6133 All Families 
19 Gimmy, Mary Bena  1860Greene County, Illinois I25430 All Families 
20 Gimmy, Mary Bena  1880Greene County, Illinois I25430 All Families 
21 Lakin, Alexander  1860Greene County, Illinois I25407 All Families 
22 Lakin, Amanda  1860Greene County, Illinois I25413 All Families 
23 Lakin, Andrew A.  1850Greene County, Illinois I25426 All Families 
24 Lakin, Benjamin H.  1860Greene County, Illinois I25419 All Families 
25 Lakin, Charles A.  1860Greene County, Illinois I25417 All Families 
26 Lakin, Elizabeth J.  1860Greene County, Illinois I25411 All Families 
27 Lakin, Margaret Ann  1860Greene County, Illinois I25409 All Families 
28 Lakin, Maria "Marie"  1860Greene County, Illinois I25408 All Families 
29 Lakin, Nelly  1860Greene County, Illinois I25428 All Families 
30 Lakin, Simeon P.  1850Greene County, Illinois I25427 All Families 
31 Lakin, William  1850Greene County, Illinois I6120 All Families 
32 Lakin, William T.  1860Greene County, Illinois I25415 All Families 
33 Lakin, William W.  1850Greene County, Illinois I25425 All Families 
34 Moyers, Andrew Jackson  1830Greene County, Illinois I3853 All Families 
35 Moyers, Jacob  1830Greene County, Illinois I804 All Families 
36 Moyers, Joel  1830Greene County, Illinois I3851 All Families 
37 Moyers, John Wifoley  1830Greene County, Illinois I3852 All Families 
38 Moyers, Samuel Nelson "Sam"  1830Greene County, Illinois I802 All Families 
39 Myers, Elizabeth Ann "Eliza"  1830Greene County, Illinois I3849 All Families 
40 Rogers, Sarah Walker "Sally"  1830Greene County, Illinois I805 All Families 
41 Schmidt, Mary Elizabeth  1860Greene County, Illinois I54037 All Families 
42 Winn, Elizabeth  1850Greene County, Illinois I24291 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lakin, John Musgrove  17 May 1833Greene County, Illinois I6099 All Families 
2 Moyers, Jacob  1826Greene County, Illinois I804 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lakin, Judge Leander R.  Nov 1873Greene County, Illinois I6100 All Families 
2 Lakin, Judge Leander R.  Nov 1882Greene County, Illinois I6100 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lakin, Jordan Albert  Abt 1827Greene County, Illinois I3850 All Families 


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barto / Neece  26 Nov 1868Greene County, Illinois F21570 All Families 
2 Black / Bradley  27 Dec 1881Greene County, Illinois F17100 All Families 
3 Bradley / Hall  21 Dec 1843Greene County, Illinois F22802 All Families 
4 Chinn / Neece  16 Oct 1861Greene County, Illinois F21567 All Families 
5 DeShasier / Cox  7 Jul 1925Greene County, Illinois F21599 All Families 
6 Dyer / Whitside  31 Jan 1883Greene County, Illinois F11587 All Families 
7 Ellison / Dodson  24 Mar 1842Greene County, Illinois F6609 All Families 
8 Gimmy / Lakin  17 Mar 1886Greene County, Illinois F2372 All Families 
9 Gimmy / Seiverling  23 Nov 1875Greene County, Illinois F823 All Families 
10 Hart / Dyer  7 Jul 1910Greene County, Illinois F11585 All Families 
11 Kelly / Lakin  29 May 1868Greene County, Illinois F2370 All Families 
12 Lakin / Ballard  11 Oct 1871Greene County, Illinois F9185 All Families 
13 Lakin / Bowman  31 Dec 1877Greene County, Illinois F9184 All Families 
14 Lakin / Brace  28 Nov 1874Greene County, Illinois F2367 All Families 
15 Lakin / Bridges  25 Oct 1887Greene County, Illinois F2147 All Families 
16 Lakin / DeShasier  25 Feb 1926Greene County, Illinois F14098 All Families 
17 Lakin / Ellison  13 Nov 1866Greene County, Illinois F2371 All Families 
18 Lakin / Frank  12 Jun 1834Greene County, Illinois F21555 All Families 
19 Lakin / Hodge  28 Feb 1894Greene County, Illinois F14006 All Families 
20 Lakin / Lakin  11 Dec 1834Greene County, Illinois F9179 All Families 
21 Lakin / Myers  13 Oct 1839Greene County, Illinois F1638 All Families 
22 Lakin / Neece  23 Apr 1862Greene County, Illinois F897 All Families 
23 Lakin / Roe  9 Feb 1871Greene County, Illinois F9183 All Families 
24 Lakin / Sickles  Sep 1887Greene County, Illinois F9187 All Families 
25 Lee / Foss  26 Feb 1824Greene County, Illinois F6882 All Families 
26 Mann / Neece  11 Feb 1870Greene County, Illinois F21571 All Families 
27 McClure / Lakin  27 Sep 1865Greene County, Illinois F9182 All Families 
28 Neece / Steel  20 Mar 1877Greene County, Illinois F21572 All Families 
29 Pilkington / Ellison  16 Aug 1871Greene County, Illinois F21709 All Families 
30 Pinkerton / Neece  8 Nov 1871Greene County, Illinois F21568 All Families 
31 Pruitt / Neece  18 Mar 1886Greene County, Illinois F13977 All Families 
32 Ridings / Ferguson  1 Jul 1883Greene County, Illinois F21636 All Families 
33 Roberts / Bradley  8 Apr 1875Greene County, Illinois F17104 All Families 
34 Smith / Lakin  19 Feb 1885Greene County, Illinois F14088 All Families 
35 Smith / Neece  16 Dec 1875Greene County, Illinois F21574 All Families 
36 Stewart / Neece  22 Feb 1866Greene County, Illinois F21569 All Families 
37 Walker / Lakin  25 Feb 1868Greene County, Illinois F9181 All Families 
38 Wood / Bradley  10 Oct 1875Greene County, Illinois F17099 All Families 

Alt. Marriage

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   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Lakin / DeShasier  25 Feb 1927Greene County, Illinois F14098 All Families 
2 Lakin / Neece  23 Feb 1862Greene County, Illinois F897 All Families 
3 Smith / Lakin  20 Feb 1885Greene County, Illinois F14088 All Families 


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   Family    Residence    Family ID   Tree 
1 Moyers / Rogers  Between 1826 and 1839Greene County, Illinois F442 All Families