The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Fluvanna County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Tutwiler, Henry Peyton  Apr 1822Fluvanna County, Virginia I14025 All Families 
2 Stone, Jane  22 Jun 1822Fluvanna County, Virginia I14165 All Families 
3 Tutwiler, Wesley Clark Sr.  1825Fluvanna County, Virginia I14034 All Families 
4 Moon, Amanda  1826Fluvanna County, Virginia I14035 All Families 
5 Tutwiler, Eli Shores Sr.  May 1826Fluvanna County, Virginia I14080 All Families 
6 Tutwiler, Martin Fletcher  1828Fluvanna County, Virginia I14113 All Families 
7 Tutwiler, James Ammonias  27 Mar 1831Fluvanna County, Virginia I14145 All Families 
8 McClelland, Martha Edmonia Preston  22 May 1831Fluvanna County, Virginia I14085 All Families 
9 Johnson, John Jedediah  11 Dec 1831Fluvanna County, Virginia I14253 All Families 
10 Tutwiler, Mary Ann  7 Jul 1834Fluvanna County, Virginia I14146 All Families 
11 Tutwiler, Margaret Susan  14 Nov 1838Fluvanna County, Virginia I14148 All Families 
12 Tutwiler, Marion Lewis  30 Sep 1842Fluvanna County, Virginia I14162 All Families 
13 Nixon, Royal S.  24 Nov 1844Fluvanna County, Virginia I18983 All Families 
14 Tutwiler, Thomas Peyton  1849Fluvanna County, Virginia I14038 All Families 
15 Tutwiler, Mariah  12 Sep 1851Fluvanna County, Virginia I14027 All Families 
16 Johnson, Francis Lafayette "Frank"  26 Dec 1862Fluvanna County, Virginia I14256 All Families 
17 Tutwiler, Eleanor Cooke  4 Sep 1863Fluvanna County, Virginia I14011 All Families 
18 Johnson, James Madison  12 Mar 1866Fluvanna County, Virginia I14266 All Families 
19 Johnson, Katherine Moore  30 Jul 1872Fluvanna County, Virginia I14295 All Families 
20 Johnson, John Francis Tanner  4 Jun 1875Fluvanna County, Virginia I14302 All Families 
21 Johnson, Henry Martin  19 Aug 1877Fluvanna County, Virginia I14303 All Families 
22 Johnson, Erea Arnold  6 Sep 1896Fluvanna County, Virginia I14270 All Families 
23 Johnson, John Guy "Guy"  9 Apr 1898Fluvanna County, Virginia I14262 All Families 
24 Johnson, F. Cecil  2 Jun 1900Fluvanna County, Virginia I14263 All Families 
25 Johnson, Willie Clyde  27 Feb 1908Fluvanna County, Virginia I14265 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hensley, James  1705Fluvanna County, Virginia I5989 All Families 
2 Bugg, Susanah  5 Aug 1827Fluvanna County, Virginia I58363 All Families 
3 Tutwiler, Mary Ann  Aug 1856Fluvanna County, Virginia I14146 All Families 
4 Seay, Ellen Lewis  26 Aug 1866Fluvanna County, Virginia I14114 All Families 
5 Johnson, John Francis Tanner  1 Apr 1876Fluvanna County, Virginia I14302 All Families 
6 Spencer, Martha Howard  Aft 1880Fluvanna County, Virginia I14026 All Families 
7 Tutwiler, Mary Margaret  13 Feb 1883Fluvanna County, Virginia I14252 All Families 
8 Johnson, John Jedediah  9 Sep 1891Fluvanna County, Virginia I14253 All Families 
9 (Unknown), Elizabeth  26 Jan 1897Fluvanna County, Virginia I14247 All Families 
10 Johnson, Ethel  1902Fluvanna County, Virginia I14277 All Families 
11 Tutwiler, Marion Lewis  17 Nov 1904Fluvanna County, Virginia I14162 All Families 
12 Johnson, Francis Lafayette "Frank"  18 Nov 1914Fluvanna County, Virginia I14256 All Families 
13 Pace, Champion Henry  17 Nov 1937Fluvanna County, Virginia I14296 All Families 
14 Johnson, Katherine Moore  15 Apr 1938Fluvanna County, Virginia I14295 All Families 
15 Johnson, James Madison "Matt"  19 Feb 1955Fluvanna County, Virginia I14271 All Families 
16 Johnson, James Madison  30 Apr 1957Fluvanna County, Virginia I14266 All Families 
17 Minter, Nannie Scruggs  15 Jun 1966Fluvanna County, Virginia I14267 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Unknown), Elizabeth  Fluvanna County, Virginia I14247 All Families 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Tutwiler / Strange  31 Jan 1844Fluvanna County, Virginia F4979 All Families 
2 Edmonds / Tutwiler  29 Dec 1858Fluvanna County, Virginia F5059 All Families 
3 Johnson / Tutwiler  25 Jul 1861Fluvanna County, Virginia F5096 All Families 
4 Seay / Tutwiler  29 May 1872Fluvanna County, Virginia F5019 All Families 
5 Seay / Tutwiler  6 Dec 1875Fluvanna County, Virginia F5063 All Families 
6 Allen / Edmonds  11 Feb 1880Fluvanna County, Virginia F5060 All Families 
7 Johnson / Minter  15 Mar 1892Fluvanna County, Virginia F5099 All Families 
8 Pace / Johnson  1 Jul 1900Fluvanna County, Virginia F5106 All Families 
9 Johnson / Johnson  25 Dec 1935Fluvanna County, Virginia F5102 All Families