The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Anderson County, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bales, Margaret E.  May 1845Anderson County, Tennessee I31117 All Families 
2 Branch, Bernard R.  27 Nov 1917Anderson County, Tennessee I31179 All Families 
3 Branch, Burnette   I31171 All Families 
4 Branch, Clarence "Pete"  19 Sep 1906Anderson County, Tennessee I31166 All Families 
5 Coward, Lucy Mae  31 Jul 1904Anderson County, Tennessee I31149 All Families 
6 Dail, Henry F.  30 Apr 1864Anderson County, Tennessee I31052 All Families 
7 Dail, John Barden  13 Nov 1817Anderson County, Tennessee I31044 All Families 
8 Dail, Lizzie O.  25 Feb 1873Anderson County, Tennessee I31056 All Families 
9 Dail, Martha F.  8 Jun 1868Anderson County, Tennessee I31054 All Families 
10 Dail, Mary E.  11 Feb 1866Anderson County, Tennessee I31053 All Families 
11 Dail, Matilda Helen  29 May 1862Anderson County, Tennessee I31051 All Families 
12 Dail, Rufus M.  27 Oct 1870Anderson County, Tennessee I31055 All Families 
13 Davis, James Samuel  1816Anderson County, Tennessee I31040 All Families 
14 Davis, Thomas  1841Anderson County, Tennessee I31210 All Families 
15 Dyer, Caleb  17 Nov 1863Anderson County, Tennessee I31645 All Families 
16 Dyer, Samuel Morris  20 Dec 1859Anderson County, Tennessee I31632 All Families 
17 Farmer, Mary B.  27 Feb 1846Anderson County, Tennessee I31050 All Families 
18 Ferguson, Flora  2 Nov 1890Anderson County, Tennessee I31183 All Families 
19 Ferguson, Hattie Maude  24 Jan 1887Anderson County, Tennessee I31164 All Families 
20 Ferguson, Hugh L. Sr.  Oct 1846Anderson County, Tennessee I31097 All Families 
21 Ferguson, James M.  25 Jun 1878Anderson County, Tennessee I31160 All Families 
22 Ferguson, Margaret E. "Bell"  6 Sep 1876Anderson County, Tennessee I31157 All Families 
23 Ferguson, Martha Jane  1 May 1873Anderson County, Tennessee I31137 All Families 
24 Ferguson, Mary C.  Dec 1869Anderson County, Tennessee I31156 All Families 
25 Ferguson, Nora  27 Mar 1882Anderson County, Tennessee I31192 All Families 
26 Ferguson, Rose Ann  23 May 1871Anderson County, Tennessee I31135 All Families 
27 Ferguson, Sarah Elizabeth  25 May 1868Anderson County, Tennessee I31103 All Families 
28 Fox, Lelia E.  6 Jun 1899Anderson County, Tennessee I31101 All Families 
29 Johnson, Alice Gertrude  6 Oct 1908Anderson County, Tennessee I31194 All Families 
30 Johnson, Charles Wilburn  20 Nov 1915Anderson County, Tennessee I31200 All Families 
31 Johnson, Grace Mae  14 Mar 1907Anderson County, Tennessee I31205 All Families 
32 Johnson, Luther E. Sr.  5 Aug 1896Anderson County, Tennessee I31492 All Families 
33 Johnson, Manuel Z.  13 Jul 1883Anderson County, Tennessee I31193 All Families 
34 Moneymaker, Albert Lae  26 Dec 1923Anderson County, Tennessee I31151 All Families 
35 Moneymaker, Edgar Lee  14 Feb 1894Anderson County, Tennessee I31150 All Families 
36 Moneymaker, James Coward  7 Dec 1929Anderson County, Tennessee I31154 All Families 
37 Morgan, Cordelia A.  1854Anderson County, Tennessee I31217 All Families 
38 Morgan, James Knox Polk  Apr 1856Anderson County, Tennessee I31219 All Families 
39 Morgan, James Matthew  Jun 1841Anderson County, Tennessee I31116 All Families 
40 Morgan, Jemima  4 Apr 1848Anderson County, Tennessee I31104 All Families 
41 Morgan, Martha A.  1840Anderson County, Tennessee I31096 All Families 
42 Morgan, Mary Ellen  22 Oct 1851Anderson County, Tennessee I31092 All Families 
43 Morgan, Nancy Jane  1845Anderson County, Tennessee I31209 All Families 
44 Perrin, Catherine  20 Oct 1825Anderson County, Tennessee I31528 All Families 
45 York, Anna  1817Anderson County, Tennessee I31089 All Families 
46 York, William Campbell  1821Anderson County, Tennessee I31476 All Families 


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Mary "Polly"  1830Anderson County, Tennessee I31034 All Families 
2 Branch, Calvin  13 Mar 1937Anderson County, Tennessee I31165 All Families 
3 Branch, Clarence "Pete"  9 Apr 1977Anderson County, Tennessee I31166 All Families 
4 Cogburn, Mary Elizabeth  24 May 1884Anderson County, Tennessee I31481 All Families 
5 Dail, William Riley Sr.  17 Aug 1877Anderson County, Tennessee I31043 All Families 
6 Dail, William Riley Jr.  3 Jan 1907Anderson County, Tennessee I31049 All Families 
7 Davis, Charles Lewis  4 Mar 1868Anderson County, Tennessee I31039 All Families 
8 Davis, James Samuel  Anderson County, Tennessee I31040 All Families 
9 Ferguson, Hattie Maude  2 Nov 1957Anderson County, Tennessee I31164 All Families 
10 Ferguson, Martha Jane  12 May 1956Anderson County, Tennessee I31137 All Families 
11 Ferguson, Rose Ann  5 May 1932Anderson County, Tennessee I31135 All Families 
12 Ferguson, Sarah Elizabeth  19 Apr 1943Anderson County, Tennessee I31103 All Families 
13 Ferguson, Thomas C.  29 Oct 1922Anderson County, Tennessee I31105 All Families 
14 Fox, Eldridge F. "Ebb"  5 Jul 1949Anderson County, Tennessee I31102 All Families 
15 Fox, Lelia E.  18 Dec 1968Anderson County, Tennessee I31101 All Families 
16 Garner, Samuel M.  15 May 1943Anderson County, Tennessee I31136 All Families 
17 Johnson, Charles Wilburn  16 Mar 1974Anderson County, Tennessee I31200 All Families 
18 Johnson, Violet Ann  1979Anderson County, Tennessee I31202 All Families 
19 Larue, Alonzo A.  11 Nov 1940Anderson County, Tennessee I31159 All Families 
20 Manuel, George H.  21 Sep 1950Anderson County, Tennessee I31100 All Families 
21 Morgan, Jemima  22 Nov 1920Anderson County, Tennessee I31104 All Families 
22 Overton, Catherine  Aft 1880Anderson County, Tennessee I31038 All Families 
23 Overton, Jane "Jennie"  Feb 1864Anderson County, Tennessee I31087 All Families 
24 Overton, Joseph  10 Aug 1841Anderson County, Tennessee I31035 All Families 
25 York, Anna  1850Anderson County, Tennessee I31089 All Families 
26 York, Elizabeth Jane  11 Apr 1888Anderson County, Tennessee I31478 All Families 
27 York, John Nelson Sr.  1864Anderson County, Tennessee I31088 All Families 
28 York, William C. "Mack"  3 Nov 1975Anderson County, Tennessee I31496 All Families 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Branch, Bernard R.  Anderson County, Tennessee I31179 All Families 
2 Johnson, Charles Wilburn  Anderson County, Tennessee I31200 All Families 
3 York, William C. "Mack"  Anderson County, Tennessee I31496 All Families 

Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 York, Julie Ann  Anderson County, Tennessee I31583 All Families 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dail, Edin  1880Anderson County, Tennessee I31048 All Families 
2 Dail, Henry F.  1880Anderson County, Tennessee I31052 All Families 
3 Dail, Lizzie O.  1880Anderson County, Tennessee I31056 All Families 
4 Dail, Martha F.  1880Anderson County, Tennessee I31054 All Families 
5 Dail, Mary E.  1880Anderson County, Tennessee I31053 All Families 
6 Dail, Mary J.  1880Anderson County, Tennessee I31082 All Families 
7 Dail, Matilda Helen  1880Anderson County, Tennessee I31051 All Families 
8 Dail, Rufus M.  1880Anderson County, Tennessee I31055 All Families 
9 Dail, Sarah  1880Anderson County, Tennessee I31083 All Families 
10 Dail, William Riley Jr.  1880Anderson County, Tennessee I31049 All Families 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dail / McKamey  15 Dec 1856Anderson County, Tennessee F11366 All Families 
2 Dail / Overton  21 Feb 1816Anderson County, Tennessee F11362 All Families 
3 Duncan / York  1887Anderson County, Tennessee F11578 All Families 
4 Epperson / Overton  Anderson County, Tennessee F11369 All Families 
5 Ferguson / Morgan  20 Dec 1866Anderson County, Tennessee F11373 All Families 
6 Johnson / Ferguson  6 Jan 1906Anderson County, Tennessee F11407 All Families 
7 Moneymaker / Coward  25 Feb 1923Anderson County, Tennessee F11395 All Families 
8 Morgan / Bales  5 Apr 1863Anderson County, Tennessee F11380 All Families 
9 Morgan / York  23 Sep 1839Anderson County, Tennessee F11371 All Families 
10 Portwood / York  1896Anderson County, Tennessee F11528 All Families 
11 York / Sharp  1888Anderson County, Tennessee F11576 All Families