The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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West Virginia


Tree: All Families
Notes: Formed 1863.
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
201 Gillespie, Flora B.  1866West Virginia I59260 All Families 
202 Gillum, Wilda R.  8 Jan 1905West Virginia I36945 All Families 
203 Glitsch, Amelia  1 Mar 1862West Virginia I42619 All Families 
204 Godwin, Barbary Ellen "Ellen"  West Virginia I27619 All Families 
205 Goff, Mary Ellen  30 Jul 1890West Virginia I27617 All Families 
206 Gooden, Margaret Ellen  Abt 1873West Virginia I36919 All Families 
207 Green, Eulah B.  28 Nov 1907West Virginia I29557 All Families 
208 Greenlief, Safrona M.  Sep 1872West Virginia I57897 All Families 
209 Gregory, Dacie E.  1880West Virginia I14979 All Families 
210 Gregory, Ernest Boyd  10 Feb 1914West Virginia I18326 All Families 
211 Gregory, Esta  Dec 1894West Virginia I30192 All Families 
212 Gregory, Malinda Jane  29 Mar 1878West Virginia I14971 All Families 
213 Gregory, Margorie Fae  5 Jul 1922West Virginia I59125 All Families 
214 Griffith, Betty J.   I59239 All Families 
215 Griffith, Robert E.   I59240 All Families 
216 Grubb, Jane  Between 1875 and 1876West Virginia I56707 All Families 
217 Hall, Albert Lee  10 Oct 1895West Virginia I55364 All Families 
218 Hall, Ira  12 Jan 1880West Virginia I55356 All Families 
219 Hall, Louise Cora  22 Feb 1905West Virginia I55346 All Families 
220 Hall, Lowman Magdalene  3 Jul 1874West Virginia I55342 All Families 
221 Hall, Margaret Jane "Maggie"  14 Mar 1878West Virginia I55354 All Families 
222 Hall, Mary Frances  13 Jun 1902West Virginia I55344 All Families 
223 Hall, Myrtle Anna  19 Oct 1903West Virginia I55345 All Families 
224 Hall, Thadeus "Thaddie"  30 Jun 1886West Virginia I55359 All Families 
225 Hamilton, William S.  Nov 1864West Virginia I30525 All Families 
226 Hartman, Mary Jane   I28468 All Families 
227 Hege, Ethel May  25 Sep 1902West Virginia I27794 All Families 
228 Hibbs, Belle  17 Feb 1902West Virginia I37305 All Families 
229 Hickman, Kathleen Virginia "Kitty"  1 Jul 1915West Virginia I18303 All Families 
230 Hinkle, Camelia A.  Between 1873 and 1874West Virginia I19589 All Families 
231 Hinkle, Mahala  Between 1870 and 1871West Virginia I19588 All Families 
232 Hinkle, Martha E.  Between 1865 and 1866West Virginia I19586 All Families 
233 Hinkle, Martin B.  Between 1863 and 1864West Virginia I19585 All Families 
234 Hopkins, Leonard Elseworth  20 Feb 1912West Virginia I30963 All Families 
235 Hosaflook, Agnes  1 Mar 1902West Virginia I27798 All Families 
236 House, Cloa Virginia  25 Jan 1912West Virginia I37287 All Families 
237 Hutchison, Bertha   I27931 All Families 
238 Hutchison, Henry Hugh   I27955 All Families 
239 Hutchison, Dr. William Milton  1911West Virginia I27948 All Families 
240 Jenkins, Edith "Edie"  Jun 1876West Virginia I57888 All Families 
241 Jordan, Sennet J.  16 Apr 1864West Virginia I59294 All Families 
242 Karickhoff, Carroll Lewis  17 Aug 1901West Virginia I27805 All Families 
243 Keener, Dewey R.  22 Aug 1903West Virginia I59056 All Families 
244 Keller, Blance  Aug 1880West Virginia I48200 All Families 
245 Keller, Eva  Feb 1883West Virginia I48201 All Families 
246 Keller, Isaac  Mar 1878West Virginia I48199 All Families 
247 Keller, Monroe  Feb 1877West Virginia I48198 All Families 
248 Keller, Odessa  Mar 1885West Virginia I48202 All Families 
249 Kellison, Claiborne H.  14 Mar 1879West Virginia I14923 All Families 
250 Kellison, Edgar D. Stover  4 May 1873West Virginia I14922 All Families 

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