The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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West Virginia


Tree: All Families
Notes: Formed 1863.
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
101 Dean, Belle  1868West Virginia I18653 All Families 
102 Dean, Birdie  1865West Virginia I18652 All Families 
103 Dean, Carrie Ethel  24 Nov 1891West Virginia I28751 All Families 
104 Dean, Carrie S.  Between 1867 and 1868West Virginia I19534 All Families 
105 Dean, Catharine  Between 1878 and 1879West Virginia I19507 All Families 
106 Dean, Catherine Gay  1902West Virginia I29608 All Families 
107 Dean, Charles  Between 1873 and 1874West Virginia I19537 All Families 
108 Dean, Clara  Between 1871 and 1872West Virginia I18671 All Families 
109 Dean, Clercy M.  1911West Virginia I38190 All Families 
110 Dean, Comfort C.  Between 1868 and 1869West Virginia I18676 All Families 
111 Dean, Daniel Austin  4 Dec 1877West Virginia I19506 All Families 
112 Dean, Daniel Newton  14 Jan 1883West Virginia I28746 All Families 
113 Dean, Delphia "Delphie"  Sep 1897West Virginia I38258 All Families 
114 Dean, Delsie I.  31 Jan 1925West Virginia I30938 All Families 
115 Dean, Deniza J.  1880West Virginia I19550 All Families 
116 Dean, Dennis H.  Between 1869 and 1870West Virginia I18731 All Families 
117 Dean, Dora  Jan 1897West Virginia I38383 All Families 
118 Dean, Edward Bertis  17 Sep 1893West Virginia I38180 All Families 
119 Dean, Elizabeth E.  Apr 1896West Virginia I29527 All Families 
120 Dean, Elizabeth Jane "Lizzie"  9 Mar 1864West Virginia I8770 All Families 
121 Dean, Ella M.  Oct 1893West Virginia I38382 All Families 
122 Dean, Elvin C.   I38876 All Families 
123 Dean, Emma B.  Between 1867 and 1868West Virginia I18659 All Families 
124 Dean, Esty M.  Between 1867 and 1868West Virginia I18660 All Families 
125 Dean, Eva Grace  Between 1876 and 1877West Virginia I18672 All Families 
126 Dean, Everett William  1 Jun 1894West Virginia I30969 All Families 
127 Dean, Flora E.  Jan 1885West Virginia I38381 All Families 
128 Dean, George W.  Between 1870 and 1871West Virginia I18661 All Families 
129 Dean, Gerald L.   I38370 All Families 
130 Dean, Goodman Loyd  2 Jul 1879West Virginia I18674 All Families 
131 Dean, Granville  16 Aug 1874West Virginia I23058 All Families 
132 Dean, Hayward Lawrence  18 Jan 1919West Virginia I30966 All Families 
133 Dean, Henley  Between 1873 and 1874West Virginia I18693 All Families 
134 Dean, Henry Frank "Frank"  31 Mar 1900West Virginia I28697 All Families 
135 Dean, Hyre Lee "Lee"  Mar 1866West Virginia I18654 All Families 
136 Dean, Inez O.  1905West Virginia I38871 All Families 
137 Dean, Ira James  14 Aug 1908West Virginia I37521 All Families 
138 Dean, Ira Russell  7 May 1898West Virginia I28754 All Families 
139 Dean, Jacob Loyd  1 Nov 1874West Virginia I18663 All Families 
140 Dean, Jacob William "Jake" Jr.  Dec 1869West Virginia I19267 All Families 
141 Dean, James A.  Between 1875 and 1876West Virginia I28683 All Families 
142 Dean, Janette   I38632 All Families 
143 Dean, John  Apr 1836West Virginia I8383 All Families 
144 Dean, John H.  Dec 1894West Virginia I29606 All Families 
145 Dean, John Harvey  May 1869West Virginia I28689 All Families 
146 Dean, Johnson Clark  11 Feb 1879West Virginia I28679 All Families 
147 Dean, Joseph Bell  5 Oct 1864West Virginia I28738 All Families 
148 Dean, Joseph Lafayette  7 Feb 1869West Virginia I18670 All Families 
149 Dean, Juela Iris  Between 1877 and 1878West Virginia I18673 All Families 
150 Dean, Leoda B.  Jun 1880West Virginia I38380 All Families 

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