The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Shasta County, California



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alger, Bruce Edward   I32978 All Families 
2 Brighton, Elizabeth Anne   I54073 All Families 
3 Dickey, George L.  2 Feb 1914Shasta County, California I32957 All Families 
4 Dickey, Marion D.  27 Apr 1918Shasta County, California I33170 All Families 
5 Hinkle, Sydney Caitlin   I36428 All Families 
6 Jackson, Alta Darlene   I40775 All Families 
7 Leas, Charles E.  3 Jun 1919Shasta County, California I32175 All Families 
8 Leas, Crystal Marie   I33251 All Families 
9 Leas, Joseph Henry   I33250 All Families 
10 Leas, Zelda Eleanor  3 Apr 1909Shasta County, California I2024 All Families 
11 McKnight, Barbara Sue   I32177 All Families 
12 Searcy, Jacqueline Inez   I36417 All Families 
13 Searcy, Linda Joan   I36415 All Families 
14 St. John, Melvin  31 Jul 1922Shasta County, California I35939 All Families 
15 Stuart, Robert R.   I40697 All Families 
16 Wellock, Alicia A.   I40743 All Families 
17 Wellock, Benjamin Taylor   I40742 All Families 
18 Wellock, Brian D.   I40744 All Families 
19 Wellock, Delbert Frederick   I36397 All Families 
20 Wellock, Matthew Todd   I40740 All Families 
21 Wellock, Shannon Susannah   I40741 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderlini, Bernie Louis "Barney"  2 Dec 1966Shasta County, California I9876 All Families 
2 Bass, Bertha Francelia  3 Jun 1975Shasta County, California I40627 All Families 
3 Blake or Baker, Nannie L.  14 May 1918Shasta County, California I32969 All Families 
4 Bosworth, Nellie Bly  15 Oct 1969Shasta County, California I35951 All Families 
5 Brizee, Cecil Clayton  17 Sep 1992Shasta County, California I45346 All Families 
6 Cornell, Vada Lenora  4 Apr 1982Shasta County, California I40771 All Families 
7 Crombie, Helen  21 Apr 1943Shasta County, California I33444 All Families 
8 Cruthis, Ella Rose  6 Feb 1966Shasta County, California I32945 All Families 
9 Cruthis, Louis Willis  6 Feb 1947Shasta County, California I32961 All Families 
10 Day, Joseph David  17 May 1916Shasta County, California I33149 All Families 
11 Dettbarn, Otto  17 Oct 1954Shasta County, California I33167 All Families 
12 Dickey, George Leas  22 Aug 1926Shasta County, California I6046 All Families 
13 Dickey, Jennie Rose  11 Jan 1982Shasta County, California I32947 All Families 
14 Dickey, Regina Mae  18 Feb 1993Shasta County, California I32958 All Families 
15 Duggan, Joseph Michael  11 Jul 1991Shasta County, California I36391 All Families 
16 Fine, Harry William  15 Jul 1964Shasta County, California I32967 All Families 
17 Fine, Wood  4 Sep 1956Shasta County, California I32968 All Families 
18 Gribble, Brian Douglas  8 Aug 1992Shasta County, California I33189 All Families 
19 Gribble, Jerry Edwin  13 Jan 1994Shasta County, California I33192 All Families 
20 Gribble, Leonard Roland Sr.  7 Mar 1988Shasta County, California I33144 All Families 
21 Guisler, John Christopher  15 Apr 1947Shasta County, California I33246 All Families 
22 Hall, Grayce Orene  27 Jun 1984Shasta County, California I40719 All Families 
23 Hedges, Flora Ellen  25 Aug 1993Shasta County, California I36452 All Families 
24 Ingram, Alexander "Alex"  3 Sep 1984Shasta County, California I33445 All Families 
25 Ingram, John "Johnnie" Jr.  24 Dec 1961Shasta County, California I32962 All Families 
26 Ingram, Robert  7 Jun 1971Shasta County, California I40620 All Families 
27 Ingram, William J.  22 Jan 1967Shasta County, California I33447 All Families 
28 Jenkins, Victor Thomas  22 Sep 1986Shasta County, California I51843 All Families 
29 Johnstone, Edna  25 Jan 1941Shasta County, California I35955 All Families 
30 Johnstone, George William  1 Nov 1976Shasta County, California I35953 All Families 
31 Leas, Elda E.  29 Mar 2003Shasta County, California I32174 All Families 
32 Leas, Joseph Rodgers  25 Dec 1951Shasta County, California I18441 All Families 
33 Leas, Leslie Phillip  20 May 1974Shasta County, California I17941 All Families 
34 Leas, Samuel Lee  12 Jun 1941Shasta County, California I18440 All Families 
35 Leas, Zelda Eleanor  11 Sep 1990Shasta County, California I2024 All Families 
36 Mathews, Ralph Bertram  15 Mar 1988Shasta County, California I36475 All Families 
37 Maynard, Rose  6 Nov 1937Shasta County, California I40735 All Families 
38 McKnight, James Henry "Jim"  22 Sep 1989Shasta County, California I36392 All Families 
39 Muirhead, Mildred Myrtle  24 Mar 1985Shasta County, California I51840 All Families 
40 Noble, Ada A.  23 Jun 1935Shasta County, California I35949 All Families 
41 Reynolds, Arden K.  24 Jan 1967Shasta County, California I40624 All Families 
42 Rose, Lois E.  10 Feb 1984Shasta County, California I17966 All Families 
43 Scott, Leland Stanford  9 Jan 1981Shasta County, California I33175 All Families 
44 Scott, William Irwin  19 Feb 1924Shasta County, California I33174 All Families 
45 Shoup, Clarence Edward  4 Dec 1989Shasta County, California I33161 All Families 
46 Shoup, John Franklin  3 Dec 1944Shasta County, California I33162 All Families 
47 Shoup, Leslie Edgar "Les"  2 Feb 1993Shasta County, California I33160 All Families 
48 St. John, Carl Madison Sr.  2 Nov 1963Shasta County, California I35942 All Families 
49 St. John, Franklin Bruce "Bruce"  8 Sep 1992Shasta County, California I33441 All Families 
50 St. John, Harry Leon  29 Apr 1961Shasta County, California I35944 All Families 

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Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dickey, George Leas  22 Jan 1926Shasta County, California I6046 All Families 
2 Ehrmann, Mary Louisa "Louisa"  12 Aug 1915Shasta County, California I15079 All Families 

California Voter Registrations

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    California Voter Registrations    Person ID   Tree 
1 Leas, Samuel Lee  1900Shasta County, California I18440 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Delbridge, Florence Benetta  1910Shasta County, California I35954 All Families 
2 Guisler, John Christopher  1920Shasta County, California I33246 All Families 
3 Hardy, Sarah B.  1910Shasta County, California I24281 All Families 
4 Johnstone, Edna  1910Shasta County, California I35955 All Families 
5 Johnstone, Fred William Sr.  1910Shasta County, California I9880 All Families 
6 Johnstone, Fred William Sr.  1920Shasta County, California I9880 All Families 
7 Johnstone, George William  1910Shasta County, California I35953 All Families 
8 Johnstone, Harry Stanley  1920Shasta County, California I32973 All Families 
9 Johnstone, Ruby V.  1910Shasta County, California I35956 All Families 
10 Johnstone, Ruby V.  1920Shasta County, California I35956 All Families 
11 Leas, Charles E.  1920Shasta County, California I32175 All Families 
12 Leas, Elda E.  1920Shasta County, California I32174 All Families 
13 Leas, Joseph Rodgers  1920Shasta County, California I18441 All Families 
14 Leas, Zelda Eleanor  1920Shasta County, California I2024 All Families 
15 Mathews, Mabel  1910Shasta County, California I36474 All Families 
16 Mathews, Robert Bertram  1910Shasta County, California I24280 All Families 
17 Mathews, Zelda Frances  1910Shasta County, California I24279 All Families 
18 Mohr, Katherine  1920Shasta County, California I9882 All Families 
19 Noble, Ada A.  1910Shasta County, California I35949 All Families 
20 Shoup, Clarence Edward  1930Shasta County, California I33161 All Families 
21 Shoup, John Franklin  1930Shasta County, California I33162 All Families 
22 Shoup, Leslie Edgar "Les"  1930Shasta County, California I33160 All Families 
23 Simon, Verona  1910Shasta County, California I33142 All Families 
24 St. John, Franklin Bruce "Bruce"  1910Shasta County, California I33441 All Families 
25 Stuart, Bertram William  1910Shasta County, California I33157 All Families 
26 Stuart, Eugene  1910Shasta County, California I33158 All Families 
27 Stuart, Laura  1910Shasta County, California I33156 All Families 
28 Stuart, Laura  1930Shasta County, California I33156 All Families 
29 Stuart, Maude Frances  1910Shasta County, California I9866 All Families 
30 Stuart, Verona Mabel "Bo"  1910Shasta County, California I33159 All Families 
31 Stuart, Verona Mabel "Bo"  1930Shasta County, California I33159 All Families 
32 Stuart, William  1910Shasta County, California I33141 All Families 
33 Thorne, Charles Edward  1920Shasta County, California I26965 All Families 
34 Thorne, Mary Ann "Molly"  1920Shasta County, California I2025 All Families 

City Directory

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    City Directory    Person ID   Tree 
1 Leas, Meta Alfrieda  1977Shasta County, California I33233 All Families 

Photographic Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Photographic Record    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fine, Harry William  Abt 1904Shasta County, California I32967 All Families 
2 Fine, Harry William  Abt 1910Shasta County, California I32967 All Families 
3 Johnstone, Fred William Sr.  Abt 1900Shasta County, California I9880 All Families 

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918    Person ID   Tree 
1 Johnstone, Fred William Sr.  5 Jun 1917Shasta County, California I9880 All Families 
2 Stuart, Bertram William  12 Sep 1918Shasta County, California I33157 All Families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderlini / Dettbarn  8 Mar 1930Shasta County, California F5379 All Families 
2 Anstead / Thorne  10 Nov 1908Shasta County, California F9851 All Families 
3 Ball / Johnstone  26 Oct 1916Shasta County, California F13297 All Families 
4 Bridgeford / Leas  3 Sep 1927Shasta County, California F12231 All Families 
5 Carstens / Anderlini  1 May 1926Shasta County, California F5372 All Families 
6 Day / Blakemore  25 Sep 1905Shasta County, California F12197 All Families 
7 Dickey / Stuart  22 Aug 1917Shasta County, California F3536 All Families 
8 Fenner / Wellock  26 Jul 1923Shasta County, California F13490 All Families 
9 Fine / Dickey  20 Nov 1921Shasta County, California F12118 All Families 
10 Hedges / Leas  2 Oct 1929Shasta County, California F11814 All Families 
11 Holub / McKnight   F15223 All Families 
12 Ingram / Dickey  15 Jun 1926Shasta County, California F12117 All Families 
13 Johnstone / Delbridge  21 Sep 1909Shasta County, California F13295 All Families 
14 Leas / Thorne  1 Feb 1909Shasta County, California F906 All Families 
15 Reynolds / Ingram  2 Sep 1921Shasta County, California F15159 All Families 
16 Shoup / Stuart  5 Jun 1923Shasta County, California F12200 All Families 
17 St. John / Bosworth  2 Jun 1910Shasta County, California F13293 All Families 
18 St. John / Eades  6 Oct 1921Shasta County, California F12320 All Families 
19 Stuart / Simon  5 Mar 1896Shasta County, California F12194 All Families 
20 Vanderpool / Ray   F15178 All Families 
21 Walters / Ingram  31 Dec 1928Shasta County, California F15162 All Families 
22 Wellock / Leas  15 Feb 1926Shasta County, California F12313 All Families 
23 Williams / Wellock  14 May 1923Shasta County, California F13489 All Families 


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   Family    Biography    Family ID   Tree 
1 Shoup / Stuart  2004Shasta County, California F12199 All Families 

California Divorce Records

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   Family    California Divorce Records    Family ID   Tree 
1 Gribble / Wadley   F15172 All Families 
2 Johnstone / (Unknown)  Shasta County, California F15179 All Families 

California Voter Registrations

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   Family    California Voter Registrations    Family ID   Tree 
1 Fenner / Wellock  1942Shasta County, California F13490 All Families