The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bras, Fannie Vivian  21 Apr 1894Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I25837 All Families 
2 Burkhiser, Everett Vincent  29 May 1919Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I3966 All Families 
3 Burkhiser, Flossie Alice  22 Aug 1911Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I5385 All Families 
4 Carden, Maxine Ruth  16 Aug 1912Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I47304 All Families 
5 Courtney, LaVerne H.  7 May 1915Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I43784 All Families 
6 Dean, Helen Viola "Viola"  14 Dec 1912Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I22059 All Families 
7 Dewalt, Elsie J.  9 Sep 1888Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I43767 All Families 
8 Dewalt, Lester Thomas  5 Mar 1896Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I43768 All Families 
9 Foster, Isabelle Susan  6 Jun 1897Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I8031 All Families 
10 Gregg, Archibald Francis "Arch"  18 Dec 1872Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I26259 All Families 
11 Hand, Lillian Alice  21 Oct 1878Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I4546 All Families 
12 Johnson, Nancy Jane  16 Oct 1848Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I6004 All Families 
13 Magel, Olive Hattie  Mar 1867Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I41584 All Families 
14 Short, Laurel Fern  19 Oct 1894Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I24813 All Families 
15 Stewart, John R.  30 Jul 1926Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I5236 All Families 
16 Walker, Russell Allen   I21574 All Families 
17 Windland, Worth Robertson  18 Feb 1916Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I5502 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Nettie A. "Netta"  29 Oct 1933Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I47150 All Families 
2 Boulton, Paula Diane "Diane"  17 Jun 1999Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I52334 All Families 
3 Crawford, Robert Cunningham  29 Sep 1899Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I42704 All Families 
4 Judd, Elijah  17 Jun 1870Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I54897 All Families 
5 Wakefield, John B.  25 May 1994Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I9529 All Families 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Howard, Murle Etta  1883Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I53335 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ort, Rosa Louise  1930Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I7986 All Families 
2 Walker, Frederick Leon "Fred"  1930Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I7970 All Families 

Iowa State Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Iowa State Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burkhiser, Albert C.  1915Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I5383 All Families 
2 Burkhiser, Flossie Alice  1915Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I5385 All Families 
3 Burkhiser, Grace Emma  1915Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I1013 All Families 
4 Dewalt, Rosa Agnes  1915Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I5384 All Families 
5 Funk, Carrol Kenneth "Kenneth"  1925Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I41559 All Families 
6 Funk, Chester Raymond  1925Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I41554 All Families 
7 Funk, Edith Melba  1925Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I41558 All Families 
8 Funk, Frances Irene  1925Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I41561 All Families 
9 Funk, Mildred G.  1925Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I41557 All Families 
10 Funk, Raymond Theodore  1925Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I41556 All Families 
11 Funk, Vivian Ruth  1925Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I41560 All Families 
12 Lee, Elsie Jane "Elsa"  1925Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I41006 All Families 
13 Redfearn, Guy Leland  1925Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I17136 All Families 
14 Redfearn, Ramona  1925Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I17140 All Families 
15 Wick, Marie  1925Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I17139 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boyer, Earl Lesley  Feb 1980Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I41785 All Families 
2 Brakeville, Thomas J. "Tom"   I25088 All Families 
3 Brockway, Delores Mae   I53155 All Families 
4 Burkhiser, Anne Belle  Jul 1967Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I22770 All Families 
5 Calloway, Craig   I23266 All Families 
6 Carden, Floyd Van  Jan 1999Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I18176 All Families 
7 Carden, Joyce Ann   I27426 All Families 
8 Carden, Max Anderson  Oct 1933Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I18175 All Families 
9 Crandell, Lois Ann  27 Mar 2003Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I21123 All Families 
10 Cross, Jack N.   I27427 All Families 
11 Cross, Jack N.   I27427 All Families 
12 Cross, Jack N.   I27427 All Families 
13 Cross, Jana R.   I27432 All Families 
14 Cross, Wayne Thomas  Jul 1988Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I52318 All Families 
15 Cross, Wayne Thomas  Jun 1997Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I52318 All Families 
16 Dewalt, Charles Henry "Charlie"  Apr 1930Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I43766 All Families 
17 Dewalt, Mae E.  Apr 1930Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I43770 All Families 
18 Dewalt, Nellie Gladys  Apr 1930Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I43769 All Families 
19 Dewalt, Rosa Agnes  Apr 1930Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I5384 All Families 
20 Gerling, Rose E.   I22434 All Families 
21 Henthorn, Mary C.   I42923 All Families 
22 Houtz, David A.   I42922 All Families 
23 Johnson, Larry H.   I1014 All Families 
24 Johnson, Lula Emma "Lulu"  Jun 1972Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I41619 All Families 
25 Kester, Ralph Christian  Jun 1924Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I18022 All Families 
26 Krekel, Elsie May  Feb 1985Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I52873 All Families 
27 Lee, Dorothy Mae   I41110 All Families 
28 Lee, Dorothy Mae   I41110 All Families 
29 Leedom, Sandra   I42962 All Families 
30 Lucas, Selma Maria  Jun 1966Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I57167 All Families 
31 Marshall, James David "Jim"   I9599 All Families 
32 Martin, Jamara Lynn "Jami"   I24651 All Families 
33 Martin, Katorea Lee "Tori"   I24646 All Families 
34 Martin, Katorea Lee "Tori"   I24646 All Families 
35 Maupin, Bruce Edward   I50024 All Families 
36 McKasson, Anna Margaret "Margaret"  Jun 1952Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I56686 All Families 
37 McKasson, Jeaneva Louisa "Louisa"  Jun 1952Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I56689 All Families 
38 Miller, Clarence William  Mar 1953Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I47742 All Families 
39 Miller, Clarence William  Jun 1972Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I47742 All Families 
40 Miller, Clarence William  Feb 1973Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I47742 All Families 
41 Miller, Henry John  Jan 1986Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I47698 All Families 
42 Miller, Timothy L.   I47715 All Families 
43 Mullahy, Margaret Mary "Maggie"  Feb 1910Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I22367 All Families 
44 Mullahy, Margaret Mary "Maggie"  Mar 1917Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I22367 All Families 
45 Mullahy, Margaret Mary "Maggie"  May 1931Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I22367 All Families 
46 Mullahy, Margaret Mary "Maggie"  Aug 1934Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I22367 All Families 
47 Richardson, Dorothy Ruth  Jun 1995Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa I3963 All Families 
48 Springsteen, Jennifer P.   I31884 All Families 
49 Springsteen, Timothy F. "Tim"   I31883 All Families 
50 Tansey, Rickey D. "Rick"   I48705 All Families 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allen / Carden  13 Mar 1937Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F18063 All Families 
2 Barnett / Magel  24 Nov 1886Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F15519 All Families 
3 Boyer / (Unknown)  4 Nov 1973Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F17677 All Families 
4 Carden / Anderson  31 May 1893Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F17978 All Families 
5 Courtney / Burkhiser  10 May 1910Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F16409 All Families 
6 Crawford / Chapman  25 Jul 1844Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F15961 All Families 
7 Eyler / Sargent  3 Jun 1922Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F15754 All Families 
8 Hand / Johnson  1 Aug 1866Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F1687 All Families 
9 Horst / (Unknown)  17 Aug 1979Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F22058 All Families 
10 Judd / Bolick  9 Jan 1855Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F21938 All Families 
11 King / Ping  5 Jun 1983Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F16551 All Families 
12 Lyons / Shambeline  7 Sep 1953Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F17670 All Families 
13 McNeil / Krekel   F20919 All Families 
14 Miller / Walker   F10076 All Families 
15 Nelson / Dewalt  6 Oct 1909Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F18238 All Families 
16 Rhum / Wilkerson   F19040 All Families 
17 Van Etten / Walker  1 Aug 1930Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F4524 All Families 
18 Walker / Short  22 Mar 1916Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F919 All Families 
19 Walker / Thompson  23 Mar 1940Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F4610 All Families 
20 Walker / Walker  7 Feb 1923Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F7712 All Families 
21 Windland / Howard  21 Dec 1905Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F17658 All Families 

Alt. Marriage

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   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Judd / Brown  1 Dec 1864Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F21940 All Families 


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   Family    Residence    Family ID   Tree 
1 Crawford / Stevenson  1888Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F15967 All Families 
2 Cross / Carden   F10031 All Families 
3 Cross / Fry   F11253 All Families 
4 Houtz / Henthorn   F16060 All Families 
5 Walker / Wyerman  28 Jul 1949Middletown, Des Moines County, Iowa F52 All Families