The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Gentry County, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnold, Lola Rhoda  2 Feb 1922Gentry County, Missouri I58024 All Families 
2 Cobb, Harold Dorphin "Doc"  14 Feb 1926Gentry County, Missouri I34438 All Families 
3 Cobb, Henry Leon  8 Nov 1916Gentry County, Missouri I34436 All Families 
4 Cobb, Robert Edward  7 Mar 1942Gentry County, Missouri I58018 All Families 
5 Cranor, Mary Nancy  26 Jul 1850Gentry County, Missouri I1251 All Families 
6 Cranor, Rachel Hannah  26 Jul 1850Gentry County, Missouri I34354 All Families 
7 Grimsley, Carrie  3 Jun 1869Gentry County, Missouri I34569 All Families 
8 Howell, Albert Ross "Ross"  19 Jun 1883Gentry County, Missouri I34409 All Families 
9 Jacoby, Albert Ulysses  23 Dec 1864Gentry County, Missouri I34568 All Families 
10 Jameson, Madison Finley  20 Sep 1887Gentry County, Missouri I1262 All Families 
11 Mercer, James F. "Jim"  4 Aug 1927Gentry County, Missouri I34533 All Families 
12 Pruden, Glade A.  1904Gentry County, Missouri I34492 All Families 
13 Pruden, Guynetha E.  Abt Sep 1915Gentry County, Missouri I34493 All Families 
14 Setzer, Laura  1858Gentry County, Missouri I34345 All Families 
15 Setzer, Rosella  1858Gentry County, Missouri I34344 All Families 
16 Setzer, Thomas L.  Between 1852 and 1854Gentry County, Missouri I34343 All Families 
17 Summa, Nettie Lou  2 Jul 1886Gentry County, Missouri I34410 All Families 
18 Walker, Dorothy H.  1908Gentry County, Missouri I26969 All Families 
19 Walker, Eliza Dell  Jun 1894Gentry County, Missouri I27094 All Families 
20 Walker, Hester "Minnie"  18 Mar 1892Gentry County, Missouri I27093 All Families 
21 Walker, Malinda Jane  4 Oct 1893Gentry County, Missouri I1253 All Families 
22 Walker, Milton A.  1 Oct 1870Gentry County, Missouri I18567 All Families 
23 Walker, Rachel Ella  Jun 1884Gentry County, Missouri I1259 All Families 
24 Walker, Sarah Lane "Lanie"  2 Jan 1868Gentry County, Missouri I1189 All Families 
25 Walker, Ulysses E.  21 Mar 1868Gentry County, Missouri I18566 All Families 
26 Walker, Viola Irene  26 Sep 1873Gentry County, Missouri I1254 All Families 
27 Walker, William Addison "Addison"  20 Aug 1882Gentry County, Missouri I1188 All Families 
28 Wood, Asenth Bell "Sena"  24 Sep 1871Gentry County, Missouri I34406 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnold, Lola Rhoda  28 Apr 1989Gentry County, Missouri I58024 All Families 
2 Austin, John Henry  19 Mar 1912Gentry County, Missouri I19929 All Families 
3 Branham, Elizabeth  5 Feb 1934Gentry County, Missouri I34404 All Families 
4 Cobb, Edward Killous  1 Feb 1962Gentry County, Missouri I34418 All Families 
5 Cobb, Harold Dorphin "Doc"  3 Jun 1997Gentry County, Missouri I34438 All Families 
6 Cobb, Robert Edward  21 Nov 1997Gentry County, Missouri I58018 All Families 
7 Cranor, Elmira Lucinda  3 May 1912Gentry County, Missouri I34351 All Families 
8 Cravens, James Daniel "Dan"  21 Feb 1920Gentry County, Missouri I1265 All Families 
9 Cravens, Joshway Bell "Joshua"  16 Jan 1919Gentry County, Missouri I34467 All Families 
10 Gish, Amanda  6 Sep 1927Gentry County, Missouri I34416 All Families 
11 Havit, Julia Theresa  29 May 1944Gentry County, Missouri I34521 All Families 
12 Howell, Francis James  18 Oct 1925Gentry County, Missouri I34403 All Families 
13 Jacoby, Albert Hunter "Hunter"  24 Feb 1952Gentry County, Missouri I34570 All Families 
14 King, Levi  10 Feb 1907Gentry County, Missouri I34364 All Families 
15 Walker, Viola Irene  2 Jul 1894Gentry County, Missouri I1254 All Families 
16 Wood, Asenth Bell "Sena"  29 Jul 1936Gentry County, Missouri I34406 All Families 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pruden, Glade A.  1905Gentry County, Missouri I34492 All Families 
2 Speelman, Frances Adaline "Frankie"  28 Jun 1887Gentry County, Missouri I34954 All Families 
3 Walker, John Wesley  Aug 1882Gentry County, Missouri I1258 All Families 

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, John Henry  25 Mar 1912Gentry County, Missouri I19929 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cranor, Clarissa Jane  1860Gentry County, Missouri I34356 All Families 
2 Cranor, Elmira Lucinda  1860Gentry County, Missouri I34351 All Families 
3 Cranor, George Blair  1860Gentry County, Missouri I34355 All Families 
4 Cranor, John Henry  1860Gentry County, Missouri I34348 All Families 
5 Cranor, Joshua  1860Gentry County, Missouri I19994 All Families 
6 Cranor, Martha Ellen  1860Gentry County, Missouri I34352 All Families 
7 Cranor, Mary Nancy  1860Gentry County, Missouri I1251 All Families 
8 Cranor, Rachel Hannah  1860Gentry County, Missouri I34354 All Families 
9 Cranor, Rebecca Elizabeth  1860Gentry County, Missouri I34349 All Families 
10 Cranor, Thomas  1860Gentry County, Missouri I34350 All Families 
11 Cranor, William Harrison  1860Gentry County, Missouri I34346 All Families 
12 Lane, Sarah  1860Gentry County, Missouri I741 All Families 
13 Potter, Deborah  1860Gentry County, Missouri I19995 All Families 
14 Walker, Addison Armstrong  1860Gentry County, Missouri I1279 All Families 
15 Walker, George W.  1860Gentry County, Missouri I738 All Families 
16 Walker, George Washington  1860Gentry County, Missouri I798 All Families 
17 Walker, Henry Elsworth  1860Gentry County, Missouri I1210 All Families 
18 Walker, Newton Jasper  1860Gentry County, Missouri I1281 All Families 
19 Walker, Sarah Martha  1860Gentry County, Missouri I1271 All Families 
20 Walker, Wesley Smith  1860Gentry County, Missouri I1250 All Families 
21 Walker, Capt. William Nelson "Nelson"  1860Gentry County, Missouri I797 All Families 

Missouri Death Records

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Missouri Death Records    Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, Lillie Francis  13 Sep 1930Gentry County, Missouri I19933 All Families 
2 Bowen, Sallie  Aug 1911Gentry County, Missouri I27092 All Families 
3 Branham, Elizabeth  6 Feb 1934Gentry County, Missouri I34404 All Families 
4 Cravens, John Boldock  16 Feb 1945Gentry County, Missouri I34465 All Families 
5 Forbis, Sarah Elizabeth  15 Oct 1945Gentry County, Missouri I34524 All Families 
6 Gish, Amanda  15 Sep 1927Gentry County, Missouri I34416 All Families 
7 Howell, Francis James  20 Oct 1925Gentry County, Missouri I34403 All Families 
8 Howell, Francis Rebecca  7 Feb 1917Gentry County, Missouri I1649 All Families 
9 Jacoby, John Raymond Sr.  16 Sep 1931Gentry County, Missouri I34565 All Families 
10 McKnight, Charles M.  29 Dec 1910Gentry County, Missouri I34328 All Families 
11 Pruden, Allen Wayne  Oct 1929Gentry County, Missouri I34487 All Families 
12 Pruden, Cyrus Frank  29 Jan 1936Gentry County, Missouri I1264 All Families 
13 Shelby, Mary Catherine  25 Jan 1936Gentry County, Missouri I34488 All Families 
14 Thomas, Sarah Jane  31 Jul 1942Gentry County, Missouri I34466 All Families 
15 Walker, John Wesley  31 Jan 1956Gentry County, Missouri I1258 All Families 
16 Walker, Malinda Jane  1893Gentry County, Missouri I1253 All Families 
17 Walker, Newton Jasper  26 May 1930Gentry County, Missouri I1281 All Families 
18 Walker, Wesley Smith  28 Oct 1930Gentry County, Missouri I1250 All Families 
19 Wood, Asenth Bell "Sena"  31 Jul 1936Gentry County, Missouri I34406 All Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pruden, Allen Wayne  1929Gentry County, Missouri I34487 All Families 

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918    Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, Robert Thomas  12 Sep 1918Gentry County, Missouri I1263 All Families 
2 Cobb, John Henry  12 Sep 1918Gentry County, Missouri I34417 All Families 
3 Crosswhite, Earl Russell  12 Sep 1918Gentry County, Missouri I8736 All Families 
4 Mercer, Perry Franklin "Frank" Jr.  5 Jun 1917Gentry County, Missouri I34529 All Families 
5 Pruden, Cyrus Frank  12 Sep 1918Gentry County, Missouri I1264 All Families 
6 Walker, John Wesley  12 Sep 1918Gentry County, Missouri I1258 All Families 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Austin / Walker  10 Oct 1900Gentry County, Missouri F658 All Families 
2 Cobb / Walker  20 Sep 1905Gentry County, Missouri F667 All Families 
3 Howell / Summa  2 Dec 1905Gentry County, Missouri F12679 All Families 
4 Howell / Wood  1 Feb 1895Gentry County, Missouri F12678 All Families 
5 Keller / Cobb  1 Aug 1895Gentry County, Missouri F12683 All Families 
6 McKnight / Setzer  28 Jul 1853Gentry County, Missouri F12650 All Families 
7 Pruden / Miller  9 May 1931Gentry County, Missouri F12715 All Families 
8 Pruden / Shelby  1879Gentry County, Missouri F12704 All Families 
9 Roberts / Walker  2 Sep 1891Gentry County, Missouri F622 All Families 

Missouri Marriage Records

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   Family    Missouri Marriage Records    Family ID   Tree 
1 Austin / Walker  10 Oct 1900Gentry County, Missouri F658 All Families 
2 Cobb / Walker  20 Sep 1905Gentry County, Missouri F667 All Families 
3 Crosswhite / Walker  20 Oct 1892Gentry County, Missouri F656 All Families 
4 Pruden / Miller  9 May 1931Gentry County, Missouri F12715 All Families