The Families of Dennis W. Brumm
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Henry County, Iowa

Henry County, Iowa



A Postcard of the Henry County, Iowa, Courthouse in 1948
A Postcard of the Henry County, Iowa, Courthouse in 1948
The front of this card has The Courthouse building in Henry County in 1948 showing as well some of the shrubbery leading to its entrance, and a little of the surrounding area. The caption is "Henry County Court House, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, H11"
A Map of Henry County, Iowa, Published in 1879
A Map of Henry County, Iowa, Published in 1879
This map was found in the 1879 book, The History of Henry County, Iowa. It is useful in giving a general sense of the terrain at that time, and for the townships and sections of townships, which are often alluded to in personal biographies and other records.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
201 Prickett, Ella Mary  17 Sep 1864Henry County, Iowa I15236 All Families 
202 Prickett, Emma Jeanette "Nettie"  1862Henry County, Iowa I18545 All Families 
203 Prickett, George Alexander  Jan 1858Henry County, Iowa I19433 All Families 
204 Prickett, Jemima "Minnie"  17 Dec 1868Henry County, Iowa I15238 All Families 
205 Prickett, Laura M.  3 Dec 1870Henry County, Iowa I15239 All Families 
206 Prickett, Maggie E.  14 Jul 1873Henry County, Iowa I15240 All Families 
207 Prickett, Myra Belle  4 Apr 1883Henry County, Iowa I12248 All Families 
208 Prickett, Smith Allison  1856Henry County, Iowa I19432 All Families 
209 Redfern, Ira Bud  23 Sep 1864Henry County, Iowa I8744 All Families 
210 Redfern, Lulu  Jan 1880Henry County, Iowa I19472 All Families 
211 Riepe, Wallace Carol "Carol"   I17784 All Families 
212 Roberts, Charles B.  Jul 1861Henry County, Iowa I42740 All Families 
213 Roberts, Elna Zualena  Between 1870 and 1871Henry County, Iowa I42741 All Families 
214 Roberts, Nancy J. "Nannie"  Between 1851 and 1852Henry County, Iowa I18433 All Families 
215 Ross, Alonzo Ernest  21 Feb 1876Henry County, Iowa I40927 All Families 
216 Ross, Daisy E.  9 Mar 1884Henry County, Iowa I41165 All Families 
217 Ross, Orien Elwood "Ora"  24 Dec 1878Henry County, Iowa I41164 All Families 
218 Rudd, Pansy Ernestine  21 Aug 1896Henry County, Iowa I46006 All Families 
219 Russell, Rodger Webb  6 May 1921Henry County, Iowa I20285 All Families 
220 Scarff, Edna L.  27 Oct 1899Henry County, Iowa I47835 All Families 
221 Schindall, Virginia Charlotte "G. G."  8 Nov 1919Henry County, Iowa I42911 All Families 
222 Sensibaugh, Charles Henry  1867Henry County, Iowa I19291 All Families 
223 Spangler, Ida  Abt 1886Henry County, Iowa I11105 All Families 
224 Spangler, John Asburry C.  Abt 1870Henry County, Iowa I11093 All Families 
225 Spangler, Winnie Mabel "Mabel"  1879Henry County, Iowa I11095 All Families 
226 Speidel, Sophia Ann  30 Nov 1879Henry County, Iowa I57090 All Families 
227 Stansbury, Ruth Ellen "Ella"  9 Dec 1848Henry County, Iowa I27706 All Families 
228 Swan, Jerry Lynn  20 Aug 1942Henry County, Iowa I55237 All Families 
229 Thornburg, Dale Irwin  11 Oct 1925Henry County, Iowa I5657 All Families 
230 Thornburg, Rodney Elsworth "Pat"  18 Aug 1923Henry County, Iowa I22259 All Families 
231 Thornburg, Velva May  10 Dec 1914Henry County, Iowa I773 All Families 
232 Timmerman, Beulah Pearl  28 Apr 1914Henry County, Iowa I25718 All Families 
233 Totemeier, Ethel E.  31 Mar 1892Henry County, Iowa I15848 All Families 
234 Vincent, Aryetta Maxine  13 Jun 1922Henry County, Iowa I33214 All Families 
235 Walker, Albert E.  15 Jan 1876Henry County, Iowa I215 All Families 
236 Walker, Anna May  19 Feb 1877Henry County, Iowa I3110 All Families 
237 Walker, Charles E.  11 Jan 1879Henry County, Iowa I7788 All Families 
238 Walker, Edmund S. "Edd"  23 Jan 1870Henry County, Iowa I7780 All Families 
239 Walker, Edward A. "Ed"  1875Henry County, Iowa I3325 All Families 
240 Walker, Hugh Elwood  17 Jan 1885Henry County, Iowa I12890 All Families 
241 Walker, Ida E.  23 Apr 1865Henry County, Iowa I7760 All Families 
242 Walker, Dr. Jesse J. "Jess"  9 Mar 1885Henry County, Iowa I7793 All Families 
243 Walker, Nellie  1876Henry County, Iowa I12894 All Families 
244 Walker, Ralph C.  26 Dec 1887Henry County, Iowa I12877 All Families 
245 Walker, Robert Clyde  16 Oct 1891Henry County, Iowa I17920 All Families 
246 Walker, Roy Elmer  17 Nov 1889Henry County, Iowa I8183 All Families 
247 Walker, Thomas "Tom"  2 Nov 1877Henry County, Iowa I216 All Families 
248 Walz, Caroline E.  Abt 1897Henry County, Iowa I25054 All Families 
249 Waters, Ross Edward  19 Jun 1917Henry County, Iowa I41900 All Families 
250 Watton, Clayton David "Tommy"  13 Apr 1873Henry County, Iowa I759 All Families 

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